The 2%

Specifically, the last 2%.

Our raid last night went okay, but. We’ve hit a wall on Madness. Our last few pulls of the evening we were consistently hitting p2, getting to 2-3% and then just… dying like flies as the shrapnel and second set of adds hit.

2%, ffs.

We’re a casual guild… most of our DPS is in the 40k range and we’re 2-healing this mess. Have to, since we weren’t even getting close with three. I don’t think anyone other than the healers and one of the DPS uses pots. Pretty sure at least one of the DPS doesn’t even use food. We don’t have Time Warp for the last phase because without it we don’t get the last Corruption down before Bolt hits.

So. Here’s the plan.

I have two alchemists, one of whom is a potion master. The pot master is going to churn out a couple of stacks of volcanic, tol’vir and golemblood pots. Those are going into the guild bank and I’m going to ask the RL to hand them out before the fight next time, with instructions to use them on the last Corruption instead of TW. If that doesn’t work then we can try using them for the burn phase on DW himself.

I also have a bunch of fishermen, chefs and assorted characters who do the cooking dailies. Unfortunately, my raiding main isn’t maxed in cooking yet.

That needs to change.

I’m going to spend some time farming mats for feasts. We get around 10 pulls on DW per prog night. Wouldn’t be hard to manage 20 feasts or so a week.

This advice is actually sort of cribbed from a post by Arioch – it’s not something we do in general. Casual, natch. This week is our last chance for a kill before the nerf. Now, usually this wouldn’t make a difference to me… but I’m worried about our raid team’s morale. I touched on this when I mentioned our legendary progress. We need some sort of a boost, and soon. We need a kill.

When we were doing FL, we didn’t make Rag before the first set of nerfs. We pushed, and made great progress,  and only made it at the next lockout. I don’t want to see that happen again. So, casual or not, I’m going to do everything I can and hope that our group isn’t just going to cruise through waiting for the nerfs. We got this.

  1. Bronte said:

    Farm normal mode 7/8 for another week, maybe two. You will get him.

    That is exactly what happened to us. Also: DS is pretty unforgiving on the last fight. Being casual is one thing, but once you are in the raid, not pulling your weight, IMHO should be a bannable offense. That shit just shouldn’t fly.

  2. Bronte said:

    The 5% nerf is optional. Blizzard also announced, in the same post no less, that you can talk to an NPC at the start of the instance, and remove the buff if you so choose, and your screenshots will prove that you killed him legit.

    • Leit said:

      You’re missing the mental angle though, Bronte. yes, we can cancel the buff… but we won’t. Even if we know it’ll make no difference.

      We need this so that – yes – we can pat ourselves on the back and feel good, because right now the raid team’s in a bit of a tough place and we don’t have all that much to point at and say, “this is what we’ve accomplished”. Being casual means we take what help we’re given, but it doesn’t mean we can’t also be proud when we can hack it without.

      Screenshots have no support ingame, but achievements are forever. Also, datestamped. ;)

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