Cooking dailies suck

…but not because they’re bad in and of themselves. Indeed, I habitually do the Org cooking daily on every toon that I play.

Warning: this post is what happens when the author spends until 3am levelling cooking.

Problem is, gating the cooking skill by requiring recipes bought with daily tokens makes the profs miserable to level in future expansions. At the moment there is no way to get cooking up beyond 450’ish without having tokens for the dailies, and northrend cooking is miserable without the Dalaran dailies.

I’m sort of on both sides of the fence with regard to the current state of northrend cooking. On the one hand, it appears that one or two recipes have been added which allow one to bypass the daily quests. On the other, though, levelling through this range without does still require rather a lot of time waiting for green recipes to proc a point, and Dalaran is inconvenient to reach even if one does want to do the dailies. The city also only really crops up at the tail end of Wrath, and so even if the player has by some small miracle managed to level cooking while levelling – no mean feat, given that cooking materials don’t drop at anywhere near the rate required while levelling, and Outland in particular usually gets bypassed entirely by sitting in Org and using the RDF – the player still only has a couple of days in the vicinity to do these dailies with any sort of convenience.

The options I can see are threefold. Firstly, the aforementioned bypass recipes. Secondly, removing the recipes from the token vendor and adding them to the general vendor. Thirdly, leaving matters as they are and adding new recipes onto a fresh vendor.

The first option is something that Blizz has done in the past, and I consider quite likely. As I understand it, the Black Jelly recipe was added in Cata to give players a way to bridge those levels covered by the Dala dailies. Cata token recipes, though, seem to cover a much larger level range than the Dalaran dailies did*.

The second I don’t really see happening, if only because the designers don’t like giving people anything for free if it was previously earned. I disagree with this philosophy, though, and I would really like to see at least a subset – the sharptooth and murglesnout recipes, for instance – moved to the general trainer when MoP comes.

The third option is the most bleak, and I have to wonder what the relevance of the city dailies will be inMoP.

We’re going to be moving to a fresh continent, and the tendency in the past has been to have dailies at the central point of the expansion – Shattrath and Dalaran, and now the main cities. However, with the dailies already available at the main cities, perhaps we’ll see the designers take the tack of simply adding new recipes into the selection.

The problem with this would be that our present currency would then buy the new recipes – giving some (like myself) a competitive advantage while levelling cooking and when selling foodstuffs. It also means downplaying the relevance and exotic uniqueness of our new location.

Coming down to it, though, we’re not even sure yet whether there will be a neutral city in which to place dailies. This has been the trend before, but while the Pandaren are apparently a peacable race, as a culture they avoid conflict and would seem to be eminently good at compartmentalisation. This doesn’t speak well for the idea of a shared middle ground when we’re told that inter-faction conflict will be at its height.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a great plan for achievement-hunters, since finding that elusive female dwarf rogue has been quite the problem post-Dalaran. The conveniences – in terms of design and player desire – of a middle ground may yet outweigh the racial/story concerns, and could likely be justified by the writers in any case.

Back to cooking and dailies. Personally I believe that the token system is justified in terms of the value of end-game recipes and the gratification effect of working towards unlocking them while they’re relevant. What I don’t think makes sense is keeping the daily gating once the content (and thus benefit) is no longer valuable, but rather an onerous step to pass through.

My final suggestion: make the Dalaran and city rewards BoE once the expansion is past, so that people who want to do the dailies can put them up on the auction-house and make something of a profit and the people who want to level the profession faster aren’t discouraged by the game itself.


* this was the impression I got while levelling last night, and not backed up by hard data for the moment.

  1. Bronte said:

    “At the moment there is no way to get cooking up beyond 450′ish without having tokens for the dailies, and northrend cooking is miserable without the Dalaran dailies.”

    I leveled from about 350 – 525, ONLY through dailies (they reward 1-2 skill points). Sure it took some time, and by buying tokens it could have gone faster, but I had no real need for it, so I never really spent any tokens. My point is that you *can* level without tokens, it will just take, oh you know, about 5 months or so!

    • Leit said:

      Oh, I’ve used the dailies for inconvenient skill gaps before – my Dk is a mere 2 points from 400 skill thanks to those and the thanksgiving event. However, if you’re doing the dailies and getting the tokens then you may as well accelerate the process by buying a few recipes. 5 months is a bit of an investment for any skill!

      Part of the levelling process involved my warrior fishing for Borean men o’ War. Now there’s a profession that needs a serious kick in the timesink.

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