Dearest LFRoaches

Did you know that healers have the shortest LFR queue? Of course you do; some of you have been taking advantage of the fact to queue as healer and then play as DPS. Now, try to bring to mind why exactly our queue is so short.

I, as a healer, need nothing from LFR. The only thing it’s good for is relatively easy valour. However, when we wipe on Madness and you blame the “lazy healers” – whose HPS are putting half of the DPS to shame, on a fight where the healing buff is removed first and the damage buff is insane – then I don’t want to queue as a healer any more.

By all means, keep blaming the healers. Keep pulling 18k DPS on Madness. Watch your queue time grow. I’ll be over here in the LFD queue, as far from your stinking, useless carcasses as possible, where personal responsibility means something and you’ll likely get kicked for your lackluster performance long before you’ve cost me a repair bill.

  1. Bronte said:

    Whoa hey, I didn’t know that. Although I would have thought that tanks have the lowest queues.

    How about the people who are getting their new alts in by gearing them in random ilvl epics to bypass the system and then trying to tank LFR in greens and blues. We wiped, wait for it, on Morchok trash…

    • Leit said:

      In a complete reversal of the natural order, tanks actually have the longest queue – yes, they’re instant in LFD, but LFR only requires 2 where the same proportion as LFD would require 5. Meanwhile LFR requires 6 healers – though it’s exceedingly rare to have 6 actual heals due to the aforementioned DPS taking advantage of the queue time and fact that most of the encounters don’t need a whole lot of healing in LFR. I’ve 4-healed all of the encounters more than once.

      All you need is at least some sense of tanking… I actually tanked both wings of LFR in a PvP helm. Twice. Hey, it was reforged and enchanted, and at least better than the 312 that I couldn’t seem to get rid of… only got the WoE helm last night.

      Come to think of it, what was the actual cause of your wipe? Because I’ve seen groups where most of the members don’t seem to notice the nice fat “hey don’t stand here, stun inc” swirl on the floor, then get murdered because they don’t move and the healers couldn’t be bothered padding the meters by healing the same few losers over and over. If it was the healers themselves being stunned then it may not have been the green tank alone…

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