The Small Stuff

No jaw, but this is our team post-kill.

Herewith a bit of detail on last night’s kill.

1 tank, 2 healers, 7 dps.


  • Protection paladin
  • Discipline priest
  • Restoration shaman
  • Fire mage
  • Another fire mage
  • Balance druid
  • Subtlety rogue
  • Warlock. I have no idea what spec
  • Shadow priest
  • Marksmanship hunter

Legendaries: none, though the rogue does have the first-step daggers and both mages have second-step staves.

Platform order: Ysera, Alexstraza, Nozdormu, Kalecgos.

Loot: No’kaled and some agi dagger that no-one other than the rogue cares about.


  • PW:B is great for dealing with the elementium bolt that goes through at the end.
  • Having a balance druid who can tranq just after is very useful.
  • Having a shadowpriest who can hymn through the second set of burning tentacles is also good.
  • Both of these are useful because you’ll want your primary healer hitting all of their CDs and burning Divine Hymn when the damage starts getting out of hand on the last platform. Even that is likely to be marginal, if your priest happens to be, say, Disc.
  • Time your Hymn carefully. When the damage starts getting out of hand, it snowballs.
  • A shadowpriest is useful in general. With the damage and haste buffs, Vampiric Embrace is worth over 6k hps over the course of the fight.
  • If you have a resto shaman, save Spirit Link for the Terrors. Get everyone you can stacked in the yellow swirl and pop it when the tank starts making desperate sounds on Mumble.
  • A pally tank can remove his Tetanus stacks with a Divine Shield. Timed correctly, this can be done while a Terror is still alive but low enough that it’s unlikely to kill anyone before it goes down.
  • In the event that the pally does DS early, it helps if your rogue has a) a good deal of threat, and b) Evasion off cooldown.
  • I need to explain “cancelaura” to our paladin.
  • It is possible to avoid all damage from Impale by using Hand of Protection. This also needs to be timed properly; too soon and you’ll lose someone else in melee range of the Corruption.
  • If you learn to do this fight without Replenishment, you’ll be swimming in mana when you do have it.
  • An Arms warrior is brilliant for dealing with the Blood adds; you will miss him if you’re used to having one.
  • Handing out potions does help.
  • This is a ludicrously long fight.

We got the kill on our fourth pull.

First pull was close – 2% – but we’d lost a rogue to the Impale early, so we couldn’t Rebirth the lock when he didn’t move from the Bolt on the last platform. I don’t really blame him – he isn’t a usual part of our raid group, and has only seen the fight in Raid Finder.

Second pull was again close but the tank had died very quickly on the Terrors and we lost 2 other DPS before they went down. No Rebirth because we’d lost the tank earlier while trying to heal a group of people who didn’t quite get the idea of “spread” on a corruption.

Third pull we lost due to miscommunication. Got to Kalecgos’ platform, called for Hymn on the second set of burning tentacles, and got… Hymn of Hope. Whoops. Healers tried to save it but couldn’t manage by the time we realised.

Fourth pull everything went well enough. I won’t say perfectly – in the end there were four people standing, all on low health, when the boss went down. One or two more ticks of the AoE and it would have been a wipe. I’ll take it, though.

Should be a bit easier with the nerf, but I’m glad we got it before. Those 2- and 3% wipes were painful. I hope that the group maintains its focus, though – nothing spells a wipe more clearly than a raid group that goes in expecting the fight to be easy because it’s been slightly nerfed. We gave it pretty much everything, and still only barely got the kill. It’ll be easier, but still not a cakewalk for us.

    • Leit said:

      Thanks. Now to take a break for the week. :D

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