And gone

On sunday I deleted my rogue. lvl 85, geared to ilvl 378… but a rogue is a main, not an alt. As I transferred his riches in preparation for the delete, I couldn’t help but have a thought of him taking to the shadows to provide for his people.

Rades, you bastard. I can’t do that quest anymore.

The freshly-opened slot is now occupied by a troll druid. Female, because apparently I like being mortified by my character selection screen. Honestly, what’s with the chicken drumstick legs? And I made the mistake of picking one of the faces other than the generic “pretty”* one that everyone uses, because apparently somewhere deep inside me there’s a 15 year old who thinks he’ll be cool and special if he does things differently, like a counterculture maverick. It occurs to me that I haven’t taken the crowbar to his crisp, fragile shins recently enough.

There’s something very wrong when a decomposing abomination draped in shattered armour is more attractive and better-animated than the primal voodoo chica wearing tight leather. At least she looks striking as a big, scruffy white-and-blue tiger. This may be the first time I’d ever consider paying for a race change – to troll, male. And that only because of all the leather I’ve invested in getting LW up to 150ish.

Seriously. ALL THE LEATHER. It’s ridiculous when recipes cost 8-12 pieces, plus other assorted mats, from skill lvl 50. I’m sort of hoping it’s like JC, which gets better as you get out of Vanilla skill levels, but I’m told it gets worse. There’s something very wrong with this prof, and if it wasn’t the only one I’m missing for a full set then I wouldn’t even consider it an option.

No whining this time about RNG holiday mounts and achievements. I’ve done the questline on the new troll because it was a handy source of quick xp… but none of my characters will do the dungeon this year. This “lolumad, try next year” approach to getting nice things is frustrating design, and I refuse to get involved in it. The token-bought mounts are hideous, only there to pad numbers on the stable, but at least they actually exist. That’s a big step in the right direction.

Huh. So much for “no whining”. I blame the 15 year old. Brb, toolshed…


* actually more like “derp”, but we’re talking comparatively here

  1. Bronte said:

    Wow, that is serious business right there man. I have had to delete toons before, and I thought before deleting them: “You know I spent a lot of money getting the largest bags for this level 1 banker all the bank and inventory slots, maybe I should rethink this.”

    But to delete a fully leveled, GEARED character? Damn! You hardcore son!

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