Green Zs


Been taking a bit of a break on the raiding front. It was getting a bit ridiculous anyway – the FL legendary run thursday, prog run friday, alt run sunday, prog run follow-up tuesday, LFR for a couple of toons in between…

This probably sounds like a bit of a joke schedule for guys who are really into raiding, but for the last week I’ve been back to my true love – my army of alts. Mostly my now-78, almost 79 shammy.

She’s been levelled as Resto since day 1, with a short break in the transition between 55-60 to play as Enhance. Last night I dusted off the agi set she’s been compulsively hauling around in her bags, cast my array of neon lights, and set to work pounding people to paste in Zul’drak and Icecrown.

Windfury, flametongue, stormstrike and lava lash tend to produce quite the spectacle. It’s fun just to watch. *flails madly* *crackles of thunder and the burning and the lightning and the oh an open gcd WOLVES OH YES HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR SOFT FLESHY BITS NOW*

By the time I hit 78, though, those open GCDs were coming a bit closer together. Despite their current rep for very steady damage, the rotation seems a bit frontloaded and runs headlong into a tar-pit if you don’t get enough Maelstrom procs. Still, I don’t have Reverberation yet, and being able to cast Shocks more often would likely tighten it up a bit. ‘Sides, it’s cool to whip out the wolves every couple of minutes.

Fiancee asked last night what it plays like. Honestly? Nothing. I really can’t think of anything that would be a sensible comparison with this. As a healer, well, the toolkit is great and I honestly love having a ranged interrupt, but still feels a lot like “green bars go up hurr durr”. As a melee? A shaman is explosive.

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