The rule of Six

Arioch seems to have tagged me in a blogging game. I don’t have anyone to tag, but as this will be my 101st published post, it’s pretty obvious that I’ll kick in for anything that I can shove on the front page. Also I’d feel a little bad if I didn’t at least respond.

The rules are apparently to go to your sixth image folder and post the sixth image in the folder. Arioch has, unsurprisingly, cheated, and seems to expect WoW screenshots from her tagees. Little does she know that I don’t actually keep screenshots, but I do have a file system characterised by my fiancee as “convoluted” and “ridiculous”.

Derp face dairy edition

This is from the comic Scandinavia and the World. I mostly saved it because of the 6th image (panel?) there. SatW is pretty… special. I visit the comic because it’s not blocked at work, but the artist’s gallery is also worthy of perusal, particularly if you’re into dodgy demons and cuddly trolls.

Go forth, look, be amazed, be amused, be bemused and butter BUTTER buTTEr BUtteR BuTtEr

    • Leit said:

      Apparently sometime before christmas last year. SRSBZNS if you’re a Norwegian. I did mention “convoluted and ridiculous”, fight? It doesn’t just apply to my file structure.

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