The mill of time

…grinds slow but fine, they say.

There have been three mounts that I’ve wanted since I saw them. The first was the war talbuk. The second was the Sunreaver Dragonhawk, which I have on my tank pally. The third, well…

o hai there

The third was that beauty. Excuse the image quality, MSPaint is my master at the moment.

The funny thing is that I made it through the months-long daily grind with my first pally to get the Sunreaver Dragonhawk from the Argent Tournament, but never touched the Shattari Skyguard rep before yesterday. All told, it probably took around 5 hours to get from Neutral to Exalted.

I suppose I just expected it to be harder… sort of like the Argent Timesink. The nether ray mounts themselves are unique in appearance, and while I suspect they share a lot of the animation framework of the dragonhawk mounts, they still give an eerie sort of alien impression as they hang in the air.

It is impossible for a mount to look bad against this sky.

For those who haven’t done it before, the progression of quests is quite simple: pick up the starter quest from the Skyguard Recruiter standing next to Shattrath’s flight master. He’ll send you on some busywork first, but will soon send you to the Skyguard base near Skettis. There you’ll meet the delightful captain Aldaris, presently not in posession of a full set of marbles, and his adjundant who sports the most magnificent set of goggles.

The assistant will send you looking for dust from the local Arakkoa – creepy bastards, I can’t stand them personally – and upon your return will administer a draught made with this substance to the captain, who as it turns out is in better possession of his faculties than one might suspect.

The captain then proceeds to send the player on a fairly standard assassination mission, with the flavour element that the player can only see the targets while under the effect of the draught. This is followed by a disguise-and-gather mission slyly given by the captain’s prisoner, and then a quest to summon four miniboss elites by means of scrolls carried by other mobs who are only visible under the influence.

Once this is accomplished, it will turn out that the noble captain has been in the know and tacitly supporting the prisoner’s plans, and will require that the player summon and destroy an elite boss mob on the island at the center of Skettis.

Once this is done, the player may turn in dust for further draughts, and may turn in a set of tokens gathered from the four minibosses for an item which allows the summoning of the final mob once more. You do get a token off each miniboss the first time that you kill them – these tokens are green items which vendor for just over a gold piece each, hope you kept them. The minibosses can be resummoned using scrolls as per the first time.

The minibosses give 110 rep each to exalted, any arakkoa mob in skettis gives 11, a draught turn in gives 165, a token turn in gives 385, and the final boss gives 550. The small birds flying around give 5 rep, but only until revered. There are a couple of dailies in the area, but honestly, they shouldn’t really feature heavily in your calculations. You’ll also get a ludicrous amount of Netherweave, some neat blues for transmog, and a few BoEs for other people’s transmog.

So, if you haven’t, go grab all the mounts. Do it. Now.

Because this is worth it.

  1. Arioch said:

    Shattari rep grind has been seriously nerfed. I did it after it had been nerfed a little bit and it still took at least a month.

    I’m going to guess this is your first time on the ray-style mounts. As cool as they look, you will come to hate it in a city. The game seems to think they are about 10 times bigger than they are and you will not be able to maneuver through doorways or elevators.

    But gratz on gaining your newest headache! (The companion pet is adorable and has no issues getting around.)

    • Leit said:

      I did notice the size issue, but it seems less important once you’ve played Tauren for a bit. Kinda used to any mount that I like meaning I have to dismount before going through doors.

      Honestly, I have no issues at all running a nerfed rep grind. Any less grind makes me happy.

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