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A public service announcement: the knockback at Prophet Barim in Tol’vir is broken. It now knocks one up into the air a short way, but no longer throws one out of the Circle of Doom around him. Without this cue, it seems that the tank and any melee you have will quite happily stick around in the circle and OOM the healer before complaining “hey, what happened?”. If you are the healer and have the ability to reincarnate, this may give you some pause in deciding whether to rez your party or not.

A question: why is it that some parties at low level will chat and behave themselves while others will contain at least two DPS trying to outpull the tank and be dead silent? Also, I hate that it’s nearly impossible to get aggro as a bear if you didn’t have it at the start of the pull. This has led to a tendency to charge face-first through dungeons trying to keep ahead of the deeps, which sometimes fails anyway and is pretty certain to annoy my healer at some point.

A theory: I recall reading that in Vanilla there were far fewer herb and ore nodes to harvest. As such, Alchemy and Blacksmithing would have been balanced in time investment against Leatherworking and Tailoring, whereas the former two are presently much, much easier. The latter two professions rely on mob kills for mats, and mob kills have remained relatively constant as availability of gathering nodes and the ease of gathering have improved. While having a rather nice sense of internal consistency, this theory falls apart completely when you look at the sheer amount of leather that LW needs at Cata level. Which leaves only the impression that someone took an incredibly lazy approach to the design of LW levelling, and needs a motivational crowbar to the shins.

  1. Bronte said:

    I don’t know, but I have observed the phenomenon in literally every toon in the lower levels. The group is either the nicest, politest people you come across, or silent mindfucks who couldn’t care less about the tank screaming for them to stop as he rushes to protect the party from the 14 mobs that suddenly got aggro’ed.

    Maybe it is the DPS race? But does DPS race really matter at level 27?

    • Leit said:

      The fact that I’ve seen people link DPS meters in RFC tells me that it does.

      Maybe it’s just that some people want to prove they’re better than everyone else by very blatantlyattempting to take everything on. At least since my healer and I are in the same room we can carry right on by and 2-man the dungeon if we don’t feel like helping their sorry behinds.

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