Troll dungeons be trollin’

Li’l shammy hit 85 this weekend. That makes 8 characters levelled, with 7 on the present roster. Guild was kind enough to donate me a few 378 mail pieces, both enhance and resto. Also did the first couple of MF quests for the neck and ring, then did the Thrall is *so cool* you guys, come spend an hour watching the writers masturbate to their Aggra/Go’el fic! questline for the cloak.

Unfortunately this still wasn’t enough to tip me over into HoT territory, and thus, with some trepidation, did I queue for a Random Cataclysm Heroic.

Look, lady, how you keep your marriage interesting is your own business...

Words cannot describe the sinking of my heart when the ZA screen loaded. Shows that you shouldn’t judge, though… turns out that the tank was hopelessly overgeared and only there to skin, and we actually made a timed run even with him stopping regularly to do so. So now my li’l shammy rides a bear she hardly even earned.

Figure ZA owed me at least that much.

ZA seems much easier than before. The tank obviously helped, but there were none of the moments of screaming willies that I remembered after someone broke CC accidentally or lost track of a scout, and no real issues with the party suddenly dropping to nearly no health and needing healing before the next fireball volley landed. No gear for me, though.

Bolstered by this result, I entered the queue once more. ZG loading screen… and I zone in to a group with a dead tank, where no-one seems to know what bosses have been killed*. Better yet, after a couple of minutes it becomes apparent that the tank is just following us around, and doesn’t know the layout, much less the tacts. Thank you, anonymous noob tank, for actually asking for the tacts before barging in at Zanzil!

Anyway, we got Zanzil down and headed over to grab Jin’do. The Pug-breaker. The bane of all who have not been here before. The enhance shammy and I explained the tacts, and off we went. Tank did okay on the green bubbles, but… didn’t fetch the big add. Then, after some desperate yelling, brought one up, which managed to break one chain before the DPS killed it. Then, upon prompting, ran off to get a fresh add. Not much after, I noticed that he was… tanking the little ghost adds. “couldn’t find a big one”.

So I ran off to LB a big guy, tank grabbed it, it leapt… and the DPS were nowhere near the chains. Amg. It was like the worst parade of bad Jin’do cliches up here, with the notable exception that none of us had fallen over dead yet. Roped in another add for the tank, etc etc, eventually we managed to get all three chains down.

So yeah. It looks like the TPK wonder of 4.1 has been nerfed pretty hard. On the plus side I got a staff and could buy a valour chest**, so it was off to HoTs! Which were pretty uneventful by comparison, really. Well, HoT itself was pretty amusing given that everything in there wants to poke at the SHAAAAAMAAAAAAN – hey, it’s nice to be noticed. /preen

Somehow I’ve managed to heal my way to a pretty good Enhance set while getting absolutely zero resto drops. Seriously, even counting the quest rewards there’s only one ring from Hour of Twilight that’s actually any use to a resto shammy. Yet somehow I now have two of Peroth’arn’s axes.

It’s like the game knows me or something.

Yes. Yes it does.

* Mandokir, for the terminally curious

** I may or may not have bought the Elemental chest. *cof*

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