Let the wrong one in

For all the yakking on here about paladins, it’s kinda sad that my actual paladin is relegated to alt runs – when they happen. But last night something wonderful happened.

Our guild downed Ultraxion HC… and I got to bring my pally. That puts him at 4/8 normal and 1/8 HC. This would be a lot more satisfying if I hadn’t vapor-locked just as an Hour of Twilight hit and then ended up spectating for the rest of our kill. Wasn’t the first time I’d screwed up the easiest mechanic in Dragon Soul, either. So yeah, hoping I still get a chance in future.

Personal failures aside, it felt good to be making bars go down instead of up. My damage was fairly comparabl to the guys who’ve been doing DS normal for months, so there’s that to hold onto.. Managed not to be lowest on total damage even after failing hard near the end.

All in all, I’m happy to have had the chance, and overjoyed we actually got the kill.

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