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So I spent a couple of days off work sick. Sometime yesterday afternoon I decided to take a look at the random healer gear that my pally had accumulated over the course of running HoTs. This was pretty much a joke, with most of the set missing.

Somehow that made the idea a little more interesting, rather than less. So. Molten front gave me a neck, avengers got me a cloak – Infaris hasn’t earned more than honored yet – and the AH gave me pvp pants and chest. Oh yes, and this legendary shield from crafting, because it was still hilarious at this point. That only left ret bracers*, relic** and both trinkets.

Somehow, scumbag brain managed to translate this as “hey, good to go, right?”. So I popped the cheapest cata enchants I could make on all of my pretty shiny int gear, gemmed up with green-quality off-colours, set up Vuhdo-

Okay, gonna stop right there for a moment. In ret I have my clicks set up to cast hands and the occasional “ohshiii-” LoH. Since this works out pretty well, I wanted to set up a different profile for healing. This turned out to be a massive mission, and I’m not even sure it worked right, partly because I’m too scared to actually switch back…

-and queued up.

This would have been a hideous sin in the days of Zulroics – almost a moot point, since I would never have gotten this far in the gearing process. In End Time, where I found myself, it actually went… pretty well. No wipes, but I did keep running out of mana. Group was friendly and didn’t mention that I was taking every moment available to eat +str buff food***.

Can you imagine that at any point prior to 4.3? These are great days we are living in, friends. So instead of writing it off as I would have had the run turned into a bitchfest, I headed back to town, reforged some +spi, and headed back in. And got the shield my shammy’s been after for weeks. Ended up spending most of the rest of the day just running dungeons with that pally for the sheer joy of it.

Holy has been decried as OP in one way or another since 4.0. It’s currently the FotM spec due to Holy Radiance**** being extraordinarily effective in DS. What no-one mentions is that it’s a really fun spec to play. Like, ridiculously fun. There’s a core rhythm that rewards the player with infinite mana and instant heals, and burst or spike damage chews away your mana pool in no time at all if approached incautiously. Never seen a spec that goes OOM so quickly, or that can maintain steady state so easily. Everything feels snappy, responsive, fast. With a bit of gear, this would be ridiculous. And I’ve already replaced all of my embarrassing ret pieces with dungeon trinkets and justice items. Shouldn’t take too long to grind out a 2-piece t12 to replace the pvp stuff.

Tech points: cooldowns are a pally strong-point. I tend to forget mine, because I suck and should in no way be emulated ever. NeedToKnow or similar is invaluable for keeping track of Judgement uptime. Using it to keep track of Holy Shock’s CD makes a massive difference.

Healing isn’t really a career path I want to pursue full-time with my very ret pally, but it’s definitely worth investing in as a sideline.
* 397 too expensive, no 378 on AH

** deleted my lvl 85 scribe, did I mention? apparently I can’t play a mage for shit and decided with the rate I roll alts, having one I don’t play is a waste

*** all that I had on me that would give mana back…

**** which I can’t afford to cast. Dat manacost!

  1. Heh heh heh. Welcome to the addiction.


    Proud owner of 3 max level holy paladins

  2. Holy’s reputation for OPness is earned. Get some T13, and you’re a god. I can heal 60% of a player’s life with one WoG crit, and I can spam flash of light without OOMing for approximately four and a half weeks.

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