Holy Radiance all the… some of the… uh, wait a sec here

All was fine and dandy in the world of holy pallies. I could heal through the most egregious abuses of HoTs, running through them with wild abandon and no mana breaks. My flow was fantastic. my rhythm perfect…

…and then I tried to heal DS.

You are here (X)

Funny thing about HoTs, there isn’t really much AoE damage. Or unpredictable damage. Or real crisis triggers at all. Healing through them is the equivalent of 2-minute noodles – quick, simple, nothing unexpected. Still beats the Zanda approach of lemons embedded with glass shards, but not great for preparing a healer for raiding.

Holy pallies have become notorious for using Holy Radiance as their swiss army knife this tier, so I figured the AoE healing rotation would be three of those followed up by a Light of Dawn. Turns out that with around 2500-2600 spirit I can do this around three or four times before running OOM. How in the nine hells do others manage it through the whole of Ultraxion?

Of course, it doesn’t really help that I rely on the 2p t12 to keep my mana stable, and haven’t actually got any t13 (raid finder or otherwise). Tried again in Raid Finder, and if I switch to a rotation of HR > HR > HS > LoD I last a lot longer, but it’s still a massive drain on my mana pool.

Conveniently also blue

I don’t know what’s missing. More spirit just means less healing, not enough means needing healer viagra…

…sigh. This probably wouldn’t bother me nearly so much if it wasn’t for how much this spell is meant to be a touchstone for the class. Is that good or bad?

  1. If you’re relying on the 2pc T12, do make sure you are using HS on CD so that you benefit from it.

    I assume you are judging once per min to keep JotP up.

    Radiance is great, but it’s hardly cheap and loses a big chunk of its usefulness when people aren’t stacked up. Any time other than all standing on top of each other, stick to your single target stuff. I rely on beacon + holy light peppered around the raid whenever possible … depending on the fight and what kind of damage is going out or coming up, of course.

    Gear level has a lot to do with your mana, too, as far as that goes. I’m guessing a lot of your problems would smooth out once you have some 384/397 gear. What trinkets are you using?

    Bottom line is, if people aren’t dying, you’re doing your job, regardless of who is on top of the meters. I hardly look at them.

    • Leit said:

      Yeah, not HS’ing on CD was my first issue, but HR chewing up my mana was still a problem after that. Got the HS CD and HotP on NeedToKnow timers – it’s become my favourite addon, specially for tracking stuff like Inq for Ret.

      Gear is mostly whatever I could get off the rack. Still getting JP stuff when I can, but it takes time. Trinkets are the only int choices I had – the brewfest egg and foul gift. Didn’t even have foul gift in the beginning, did my first few dungeons with one of my dps trinks still equipped. Probably going to get a Core of Ripeness with jp as soon as I can afford it, just for a little regen.

      http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/Lightbringer/Infaris/advanced if you’re interested. Yes, some of the gems are bloody awful.

      Meters aren’t the problem… I’m clearly not doing my job if I’m whacking at the boss praying for a return from SoI. D:

      • Haha. There is nothing wrong with whacking at the boss. I put up a fight if they try to stick me with the ranged! :D

        Ooh, he’s pretty. The main suggestion I would have on the gems is to go straight int wherever you can. You can get the other stats from reforging, but there’s no replacement for a bigger mana pool. It’s a lot harder to run out when you’ve got 140k to play with.

        Let’s see .. how did you manage to not take conviction? I’d take one out of Last Word, one out of Enlightened Judgements, and one out of Improved Judgement and plunk them in there.

        My, um … third string paladin (ha!) … is relatively similar in gear level to yours.
        Ok, yours at least passes the character audit. >.>

      • Leit said:

        There’s something wrong if that and HS’ing are all you can manage to do. :D

        Yeah, I know I should be going straight reds, but for the past couple of months my AH has had infernos sitting between 350-500(!) uncut and cut, and carnelians at around 100-150. Gemming red on my OS isn’t something I can afford right now. Blizz and their stupid, stupid policy of putting all of the primaries on one colour… not like this would have been predictable or anything.

        Conviction? That tree was sort of hung together based on what seemed good at the time. Was that the one that works sort of like Selfless Healer? If so, I probably didn’t take it because SH is wasted points in PvE.

        Passing the character audit isn’t that much of an achievement. He would have passed audit on his first dungeon as a healer – complete with ret bracers, relic and trinket, and crafted pvp chest and pants. Oh yeah, and the honor boots I picked up for transmog at some point. :P

        If you think he looks pretty, you should see him in his Angry Angry Ret mog gear. Still need to set up a decent blue outfit for his Holy mog.

      • Conviction boosts your healing by 1% per stack and stacks 3 times upon landing a crit. Usually only takes me one HS to start the stack.

        I totally understand on the gems, especially for OS. The only reason mine get gemmed are because I have a JC and a miner on each server to do it myself. Ok, I admit, I’m also one of the people making my gold from selling said gems. A girl’s gotta have cash for mounts and pets, ya know? *shrug* ;)

        Screenshots plz?

      • Leit said:

        Ah, okay. That sounds like something that may have been skipped due to undervaluing the mechanic behind it. Do you glyph your HS for extra crit?

        My screenshots are terrible, but you can see a sort-of look here: https://iinteger.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/cataclysm-final-grades-the-state-of-retribution/

        The main differences are the Angry Helmet from firelands, a darker chestpiece, pvp boots, a very spiky sword from CoS and some spiky red-and-black Northrend shoulders that I can’t help but notice are missing in those images, probably because the t12 shoulders are more pally-like.

        Current tier is magnificent… but clashes terribly with my aesthetic sensitivities. Specially with the way that shoulders tend to hover on belves.

      • Nah, I glyphed WoG instead, because 80k heals are smexy. With raid buffs, and near-constant casting, my conviction uptime is well over 90% on the parses, and I don’t gem or reforge for crit at all. I go int > spirit > haste > crit = mastery, it’s a tossup between those two depending on parses, what content you’re doing, and/or personal preference.

        OMG my main pally’s helm is unenchanted. o.O

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