Red shirts look better

Remember last week when I was so emo about my paladin’s healing? It was like “bluuuuhhh” and “waaaahhh” and “why can’t I be OP like all the other kids, you promised” but then you threatened to turn this bus right back round baby right round, or maybe that was your mom. One of the two.

Yeah, over that. LFR finally choked out some gear, and with 3k spirit and Heart of Unliving, my mana issues’ sweet run sort of went dash vault to kong to oh cocks I jumped off the goddamn edge of the Burj al Arab. Still, the swan dive at the end there was kinda classy.

With that sorted, the natural order of things was to practise and learn to use my cooldowns because if they were kids I’d be getting a stern talking to from the authorities, involving the consequences of neglect and possibly a date with Justice. Thus, equipping the three pieces of terrible pvp gear that I used to heal my early dungeons, did I step into battlegrounds.

Now, let’s be clear here. You see that eyebrow-raising avatar of careless carnage on the right there? Cover of Indestructible, by Disturbed. Also pretty much exactly how a holy pally feels in BGs. It’s ridiculous. Ladies be all up in my milkshake, like frothing it up and spilling it all over their faces, but it takes more than a squeeze and a shake to get a warrior of the light going weak at the knees.

So yeah. Been quiet around here, but it’s been a fun kinda quiet. One last thing though… my RL seems convinced that I should be Crusader Striking on cd in PvE to build HP. This seems like a waste of time, since I can land an HL in about the same time, use the same amount of mana, and get double to four times the healing. Sounds like something to do in chill phases, not a general part of the healing style. Is this craziness, or should I be spending healing time aggrieving things in their hideously deformed maws?

  1. If you’re ret … he’s correct. Holy though? Lawl?? Holy Shock on CD makes more sense, which I know you are already doing. Are you having issues with not generating enough HoPo?

    • Leit said:

      Apparently the other HPally we have swears by CS’ing on CD because it’s cheaper, forces melee for SoI procs and the class is built around instants. Also something about other healers sniping my heals if I use HL, but seriously, if they want to waste their mana for bigger numbers they’re welcome to do so. I’ll be here, all back of the bus, playing for the team rather than the meters.

      I use HS on cd, and I have one point in Blessed Life because with an 8sec ICD it’s not like the second point is really all that worthwhile. Seems to keep me going.

      Oh, I took your advice and picked up Conviction. Somehow never noticed that it stacks 3% 3 times, not stacks to 3%. Hell of a lot of healing that wasn’t happening there.

      • Cheaper than what? It doesn’t even heal. Autoattack is more than enough melee for SoI procs. Sounds to me like you’re doing things right.

        Holy Shock, pepper the raid with Holy Light if there’s no big AoE damage, and if you *really* need some quick HoPo you can always get some from Holy Radiance or casting Divine Light/Flash of Light on your bacon target.

        Meters mean nothing, which is one of the reasons I prefer healing. If the boss dies and we don’t, it’s a win.

      • Leit said:

        The argument is that it adds a charge of HP, and the point of pally heals should be to aim for WoG or LoD. You don’t get the heal immediately for the CS, but it carries into a bigger heal that you’re building for.

        Yes, I think it’s bloody stupid to give up a 1.5 sec gcd on a regular basis as well, but for building up for WoG during a quiet phase, fine.

        HR! I knew I was forgetting an HP generator, though given it’s still pretty costly, I still try to avoid it unless there’s heavy AoE to deal with.

      • Eh, I view WoG and LoD as part of the overall toolbox, not a goal to aim for. If he’s treating them that way, then he is not using all of the tools at his disposal.

        Part of the point of giving us the revamp that they did in Cata was to get us AWAY from only casting one or two spells … to give us some diversity and variability in our spell selections. Paladin healing now is very dynamic and interactive if you’re doing it right.

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