Not in the face, concluded

Not too long ago, I ventured an opinion piece about bear levelling, cunningly disguised as a walkthrough of sorts. So, we continue.

Where were you my whole life?

The biggest reason for this post is Maul. I remember stupidly recommending hitting this thing any time clearcasting was up. It’s ridiculous how badly this ability saps your rage. Once you get Lacerate at lvl 66, hit Maul only if you want a free off-GCD at low rage. The feral design team is nothing if not consistent in their insistence on inconveniently placing major rotational abilities.

Not to be confused with Slowpoke

Another big one is Thrash, which somehow shows up at lvl 81, about 50 levels late. Better than never, but worse than actually having a functional AoE rotation for 90% of the game. Oh well.

Bear was the last of the four tanks I’ve played, and honestly I wouldn’t bother if the toon didn’t have two professions that I can’t really afford to level again. It’s clumsy, poorly planned, and levelling as a bear has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I don’t even want to touch mine at max where it’s more or less squared away.

Basically, if you want to play a bear, get a Scroll of Resurrection. That way you might actually still want to when you hit the cap.

Tanks: center of the universe?


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