Slash and burn

Scorched earth is the term, I believe. My character list on my server is down to 9 again, but with the loss of 3 lvl 85s.

Yes, 3. The mage I couldn’t play, the rogue I wouldn’t play, and the warrior who ws my first character ever. He’s been replaced with a shiny human paladin, bringing the count up to 3 pallies on the same server.

Don’t judge, that’s apparently my thing. Hur hur.

I will never be played again! Ha ha!

The druid is hanging on by a thread and a hope, and the simple fact that there are no mail pvp items available on my server. If I can work out what to sell in that market, she’s set. So far the results have been surprising… it looks like what people want most is belts. Chalked it up to no justice belts on offer, and the valour cords selling for 1650.

Crafters: serving your ilvl-boosting needs since 20whenever. Main problem is that leather and scales are really expensive, and the patterns require a lot of them. That means leather and mail pvp gear has to sell for a lot more than, say, cloth. Or even plate. I get that having access to two markets is meant to be a good thing for LW, but then there’s BS with weapons and plate, and tailoring with cloth and bags… just at the moment it doesn’t feel anything like being worthwhile for the amount of effort put into levelling the prof.

That 10th slot is bothering me, like a loose tooth wiggling somewhere in the back. Considered rolling another rogue*, a lock**, or maybe a worgen just to see the starting zone. For now, though, the lvl 51 alliance pally is enough to sate my levelling needs. Instead, I’ve been gearing my current 85s.

There’s a bit of a problem for melee, though, and its name is Gurthalak. With just an RF version my warrior bounced from 19k dps average to 26k. Still not stellar numbers, especially compared to my pally, but… honestly? How in the hell is one item making that sort of difference? Before getting the thing I was despairing of ever being effective on that toon again, trying everything to get my rotation sorted out, messing with keybinds, anything I could think of. Once I had it, though, all that sort of felt like a waste compared to the gear jump.

Just thought skill was meant to be more important than gear.

I feel you, bro


because it was fun to level once Combat was off the table

** until I looked at their actual performance as opposed to their rotations… summoning and unsummoning pets in combat to get middling dps? maintaining a host of debuffs and procs with different cooldowns for the same? are we meant to take this shit seriously?

  1. Wow dude. I mean, yeah, I have 3 max level paladins … but the most I have on one server is 2! hehe. My friends have been hanging out together without me recently and they all look at me funny when I walk by … I have a feeling they’re planning an intervention.

    • Leit said:

      The harman has yet to make it to max, though she’s in a casual guild that apparently runs lean on heals for DS, so there’s that incentive. Mah pally haelz are pretty good right at the mo.

      It’s okay, no-one ever binds intervene. :P

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