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There are gremlins. They are real. Their job is to read anything I write here, then sneak into my head and rewire it so that I go the opposite direction of anything placed on teh interwebs for the world to see.

So, I’m levelling a rogue again. And it’s specced as Combat.

Not too long ago, Chase Christian wrote a pretty decent guide to playing a rogue with three buttons. It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s… completely ignored by the levelling¬†population. With the legendaries available and not a lot to do before the Great Pandanaring, many folks seem to be levelling rogues. If you’re one of them, here’s why you’re being trampled by my filthy plebian ways.

Weapons. Your weapons make a difference. If you’re playing combat, you should never be using a dagger in your main hand. Yeah, rogue flavour, whatever. I don’t care. You want a fast dagger in the offhand, and a slow agi weapon in the main hand. Since most of the rogues I see are sporting heirlooms, my suggestions are a Venerable Mass of McGowan in the main hand and a Balanced Heartseeker in the offhand. Substitute a Dal’rend’s Sacred Charge for the mainhand if you like, but I tend to prefer the haste on McGowan.

Poisons. If you’ve been checking Noxxic or Elitist Jerks for L2P info, you’re probably using instant poison on your main hand and deadly on the offhand. For levelling, this is stupid advice. Deadly will never stack to the point where it’s good, and instant doesn’t have anywhere near the proc rate you want until deadly is stacked to 5. I use wound poison on both weapons – the damage is decent and it’s got an excellent proc rate.

I am your master now.

Blade flurry. This is the most common problem I see. Most rogues level as combat, so they have blade flurry as a base ability. This ability is the most OP anything ever to make it live. Ask any rogue in DS. All you need to do is toggle it on when you see more than one enemy and off when there’s only one. Doesn’t cost energy, doesn’t even cost a GCD. Glyph it – it’s worth it. Flurry consistently clocks in at a good third of my damage.

Slice and Dice. Since your offhand weapon and poison are only about 25% of your damage, you could probably play without one. What’s that you say? I’m spouting silly talk for imbeciles? Well then, why aren’t you maintaining SnD? It’s literally the same thing. Use NeedToKnow or something similar to monitor your uptime. Your 100% uptime.

Rotation. This is especially bad if the player has been visiting EJ. That is high-level advice for insane robots with positronic brains. It is not for you. Opening with Ambush? Pointless! Using Rupture? DPS loss! While levelling, trash goes like this: Sprint in, spam Sinister Strike, keep up Slice and Dice with whatever combo points you have whenever it’s about to expire. On a boss, you can really stretch your wings with… Sinister Strike spam, Revealing Strike at 4 combo points if you have it, and then Eviscerate at 5. Oh, and keep SnD up with whatever points you have when it’s about to expire.

The flowchart knows all. The flowchart sees all. Obey. Obey.

That’s literally it! That’s all. I really suggest checking out the Lazy Rogue guide at the top, but keep these points in mind while levelling and you’ll at least end up slightly better than half the damage of that other rogue spamming /flirt at the healer.

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