Too late

Fiancee and I are levelling a fresh pair of toons. Couple of days ago we got Dire Maul capital gardens in LFD. The tank wasn’t great with threat and the warrior was constantly charging ahead into packs, but there was no damage to the party. Heading into the underground section, someone made a comment on how they were doing, which the warrior immediately took as an excuse to rag on the tank.

Wish I could say I stood up against this despicable bullying, but all I bothered with was a quick ‘keep it civil’, followed by tuning out the subsequent bullshit. That tank ended up leaving, and the remainder of the party simply kicked the warrior. Too late, though.

Artist's reproduction of all parties concerned

That tank – who was still learning on her first tanking character – has now had yet another adversarial interaction with a party. She’s got to weigh that attitude against however much she wants to learn the role. She’s got to consider whether the droves of acrimonious tanks may be onto something.

Meanwhile Captain Cretin the warrior goes on the forums and complains about long queue times and tanks who won’t treat him like the special snowflake his kindergarten teacher told him he was.

Truly horrifying is the comment by the warrior that “I don’t even have a tank spec on any of my toons and I’m doing better than you”. At rushing the dungeon? At holding aggro on one or two mobs out of a pack after getting initial aggro anyway? Certainly not at taking less damage. What the hell exactly did this guy think was the tank’s job? Because from where I’m sitting it looks like a stereotypical imbecile who only plays DPS and expects the tank’s job to be ‘wrap a special bubble around me as suits my special status and roll it through the dungeon as quickly as possible’.

I’m sorry, random clod, but what you were doing wasn’t tanking better than the tank, it was DPSing extremely badly. And I wish I could have said that before we kicked you, but it’s too late for that now as well.


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