Turn your head and cough

Given that my fiancee has recently been loath to level the character she’s been playing along with my rogue*, I’ve resorted to fine tuning my priest and hitting up a few more BGs with my paladin. Oh, and of course Tol Barad.

There is no better way to build confidence as a healer than to go to Tol Barad. At least on my server, you will never be cc’d, silenced, interrupted, focussed, etc unless it’s literally you and one other guy at a base. Meanwhile you may find that you can single-handedly keep an arbitrary number of similarly facerolling DPS from melting into goo.

I’m not really aggressive enough to make a good PvP player, but a support role like healing lends itself well to a certain bloody-minded, obstinate mentality.

In a previous post I noted that holy paladins are all but invincible in BGs. This isn’t strictly true… it’s just a strange side effect of mixing in with the melee that means you’ll mostly be attacked by melee rather than casters. With somewhere around 56% damage reduction from armour, a further 30% from resilience, a block/parry/dodge chance if I’m not casting and healing if I am, a paladin isn’t a good target for melee***.

Great against swords. Not so much against fireballs. Who knew?

The ‘not strictly true’ aspect comes in when we’re talking about casters. Armour’s bloody useless against them, which just leaves Resistance Aura**** and resi. For that rare caster who actually notices the paladin down in the furball instead of attempting to reduce the opposing side’s hunters to free-range eco-friendly craters, it turns out that paladins are made of delicious crunchy honour points.

Either way, I’m contemplating asking around in /g for someone to try 2s/3s arena with. My resi’s a bit on the light side, and the only time any of my toons stepped in before resulted in near-instantaneous melting. Should at least help me learn a bit about how to handle focus and cc. Also, I’ve wanted the tasty paladin Conquest outfit since the first preview.


* nothing to do with the slightly sarcastic how-to post I made previously**

** or so she maintains

*** not that it stops druids. seriously, there’s nothing more persistent than a kitty druid on a healer. GIVE IT UP, SNUGGLES

**** …which I’m still not sure I should be using rather than Concentration…

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  1. Arvash said:

    I’m been playing in the pvp scene too lately, I’ve been tanking quite a bit of the Isle of Conquest BGs and I’m having a blast tanking the Alliance Commander in their keep, reminds me of the AV days where I would tank Vanndar, lol. And I totally agree with you on the pally Conquest gear, I have three pieces of it and I love looking like a pseudo-Alistair or Enzio….although my big 1H, shield or 2H won’t get me any stealth kills soon, lol.

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