Picture me

Amazingly my RL uses even worse settings than I do.

Hagara HC is down. Puts Bitter at 5/8 HC legit. That’s him on the left there in the corner of disenthusiasmism, and yes, he is indeed wearing a fishing hat. Something about a cowboy tauren just works.

This was my second night on this fight, and it was already significantly easier. Don’t know how much is familiarity and how much is the scaling* nerf.

Ah yes, the nerf. Something I’ve been considering while PvPing on the paladin… PvP players must find all this talk of nerfs completely hilarious. There’s no way to nerf battlegrounds, and while some specs do get nerfed for PvP and yet others are simply screaming for the same**, it’s rare that the content itself becomes any easier. That’s because the difficulty level is dynamic, based on the players competing.

I don’t know how realistic this outlook is, but I do know that as the more hardcore raiders in my guild are losing interest in Dragon Soul, they’re also gaining interest in battlegrounds. Maybe I’ll get that arena rating*** yet.

20% at this point

**  looking at you here, frost mages

*** any arena rating, oh gods


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