Rageblogging after it was cool

So Children’s Week is over. None of my characters did any of the achievements, except for my levelling rogue who did the Orgrimmar quests as a cheap way to get some xp and a neat pet. Of course, as soon as ‘rage’ popped up in the title, it should have been pretty clear what the topic of this post was.

School of Hard Knocks killed seasonal events for me. After trying for it in my first year playing and discovering that it was a cruel, vile, unrepentantly disgusting excuse for content, I started looking at any achievements at all and the holiday achievements in particular not as a rewarding goal, but as a series of ridiculous hoops that lazy, stupid designers dropped into the game. The violet drake reward for the meta becomes essentially a symbol of debasement, where genuine enjoyment of the game has become secondary to enduring ludicrous horseshit.

This achievement is the worst piece of design that I have encountered in WoW. Tying it to a year-long meta devalues the meta and is insane and unconsciable. Were I the person who decided to do this, I would be wholeheartedly ashamed. Also paralysed with terror each night that someone might find out and the ravening hordes would descend on my home in a frenzied orgy of vengeance and bloodlust.

I am not worried about this person’s family. This person orbits so far out in the void beyond rational thought that I doubt the concept even means anything to them.

Reading the comments on articles on WoWInsider, I see a few fairly common themes.

  • People who finally got it after the third/fourth/nth year.
  • People who got lucky and got it within an hour because the enemy decided to co-operate. Generally telling other people not to whine so much.
  • People who will never, ever do this and want it removed from the meta.
  • PvPers who hate the selfish, frustrated mindset dropped into their BGs.

What don’t I see? Anyone at all who actually enjoyed it. Idi fucking Amin has more fans than this achievement. There are* people out there who will defend the slaughter of millions in the Stalinist purges of the early 20th century, but no-one wants to touch this thing with a 20 foot barge pole. There are more people who want to visit war-torn hellholes like Lebanon or Afghanistan than want to take part in this PoS.

I did the Pilgrim’s Bounty meta for the first time at Cata release, when Blizzard screwed the horde over by putting the Teldrassil table out at the far end of a city filled with elite lvl 85 guards when the level cap was 80, out over an expanse of water where the horde had no way to get other than somehow fighting through Stormwind to the harbour or taking a chance with waterwalking since the boats from Kalimdor had been removed and there was no old-world flying yet. It was difficult and caused a pretty severe bout of discontent at the shortsightedness of its implementation, but it didn’t turn me off holidays wholesale. SoHK did. It’s simply that bad.

* admittedly bugnuts insane

  1. I think this was the first year since that achievement came out that I *didn’t* try to complete it.

    Five of those violet proto-drakes is enough. My level of insanity cannot be matched! ;)

    • Leit said:

      …it would seem not. Do you actually enjoy this? I’m not exaggerating up there when I say I’ve not seen a single person claim to actually want to do the achievement, or to look forward to it for any other reason than easy kills or trolling potential.

      • No, not one second of it. It’s hardly fun. Even my buddy who does nothing BUT PvP was working on it this week and complaining about it.

      • Leit said:

        Hmm… that’s actually a thread that I didn’t mention up there. PvPers who hate the achievement because it means playing as a selfish prick rather than actually trying to play as a group and win.

        The easiest battlegrounds I did last week were all Eye of the Storm. Why? Because most of the time the alliance team was milling around the flag not healing each other in hopes of thinning competition. Meanwhile we capped all four of the towers and farmed anyone coming close. Horde had a few wastes of space trying to swipe the flag as well, but for some reason the alliance was consistently getting the short end of the stick.

  2. While I like mounts and achievements as most do, I took one look at School of Hard Knocks and thought better of it.

  3. Misc said:

    I collect Mounts… Have Most of the Rare ones on one Toon or another.

    Violet Drake can go to hell because of this Achievement!
    I see people with it and all I do is /pity them for actually doing SOHK.

    Said it before… I’ll finish my Long strange trip the day Bliz wake up and remove this rediculous achievement or at least give us another way of getting around it…

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