When did you last LFR?

The thought process of the average LFR denizen.

I have a pretty decent stable of alts. 7 current lvl 85s, and 3 alts well on their way. Of the 85s, one is my regular raiding character, and just replaced his final firelands piece on sunday night. All of the others could use gear, but… I haven’t run LFR in almost a month. On any character.

Last time I went to LFR I ended up 2 healing Morchok, despite having a full group. Rather than wait for the loot rolls to resolve so that we could boot the ‘healers’ who were doing nothing of the sort,  one of the tanks pulled trash at Zon’Ozz instead. At which point I lost any interest whatsoever in carrying garbage that didn’t give a toss about other players. I hope the druid who was holding up the rest of the healing left as well. He didn’t deserve the backlash that would no doubt result from the ensuing wipe.

So yeah. Better loot rules would go some way toward making LFR more bearable, and I’m hoping that attitudes will improve without the acrimony of loot drama. What really needs improvement, though, is the people taking advantage.

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