Of waving and lights

Y’know, I’m pretty sure Penny Arcade covered this. There’s even an app for that. And yet, to my mixed delight and dismay, no-one ever goes for the guy in the brawl who’s sort of performing this one-man disco revival, complete with stage lights. How dangerous could he possibly be?


You want to take Slag with me on it? That’s cute.

Ask yourself that again when the endgame scoreboard shows him as sitting on 0 deaths, having healed the combined equivalent of everyone on the field’s hp totals several times over. That guy is a force multiplier. As long as he’s in the field, you’re effectively fighting a team that’s four, five, six times their apparent size. All it takes is for him to have a couple of buddies who recognise his counterpart on the opposing team, and you will never step into a fair fight again.

Now, being a friendly and beneficient sort, I obviously want you all to be those buddies. For the love of god. BE THE BUDDIES OKAY.

Frost mages are deeply galling, and I understand that you want to insert a significant amount of axe into their snaring, blinking, iceblocking faces. I realise that there’s a certain temptation to Go Hard on the DK. And I fully understand your desire to introduce warlocks to the joys of terminal arrow poisoning or kite that poor ret halfway across AV. All of that is best achieved after dealing with disco lad and his amazing soul patch (or local equivalent). Trust me, he’s not going OOM any time soon.

    • Leit said:

      Doesn’t he, though? An excuse for mognotes!
      – The base s.11 honour set mostly looks pretty great. Especially those firefly shoulders.
      – The s.11 shield is blue and looks like it should be marketed by Gilette but the one from ET works pretty well. If only the conquest shield came in red rather than blue… it’s genuinely stunning.
      – The s.11 honour pants are too busy, but t.12 pants work well with the set. Really, with almost any red/orange set.
      – My chest is actually still a terrible crafted item with no sleeves, so I mogged it with the Battleplate of Unheard Ovation, a rather nice black chest from an arena quest at the Vrykul area. The s.11 honour chest is still lacking in the arm department, so it’ll get the same treatment when I upgrade.
      – Our revered guild tabard looks badass. No question. There’s been some talk of changing the logo and making it purple, though. Oh noooooooo :(

  1. Misc said:

    Its sadly true.. 9 times out of 10 no one goes for the Healer (Unless RBG in which case Healer is insta-Focus)

    Thing is… In most cases (Tol Barad aside) in BG’s if you start attacking the Healer he [/bg OMFG HELP IM BEING ATTACKED] and then you get the entire opposition milking your ass up and down the BG >.<

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