Welcome to the blog equivalent of drunk texting.

My guild doesn’t know that this blog exists. Easy enough to tell, because otherwise it’d be covered in troll comments and the occasional link that’d get me very much listed under ‘adult content’. They’re friendly like that. Not sarcasm… these guys being dicks is a more positive experience than most people I’ve known being “nice”.

Being a pretty quiet type, my contribution to the usual hum is mostly just responding to whatever poor souls can’t be bothered to check my level on whatever mini-alt the officers are currently advertising in /2 as the leader of a pug ICC/FL/DS/what have you.

Feels a bit weird that I honestly enjoy the guild chat/Mumble/etc with these guys, but wouldn’t link this blog in /g. For one thing, I wouldn’t be able to make rambling posts like this when the quiet of the expansion doldrums gets me thinking about social stuff and I just need to put it down somewhere outside of my head.


Disagree Vehemently

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