Cheap and dirty


My prog healer toon’s been wearing his fishing hat to raids for a few weeks now. I like the way the cowboy-esque look works out for him. So on sunday I decided to hit the AH in the 10 minutes before the raid and see what I could find to complement it. Altogether the resulting outfit – seen at the right – cost less than 100 gold all in.

Now, I didn’t really expect this to be a hit for everyone. The first mumble comments on zoning in to DS were, in order, “oh god Bitter” and “who let the hobo in?”*. Even so, it captures the tauren-esque dusty road, tough as old boot leather aesthetic that I wanted pretty well. Certainly a blood elf couldn’t pull it off – those guards in Dalaran prove that robes are simply the go-to look for clothies who don’t want to look as though they’re wandering around in romper suits.

T is for Tauren, thoughtful and tough…

The matching mount is, while not compulsory, highly recommended.


* pretty rich from a guy wearing a bananadin outfit, but to each their own


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