D3 fallout

I’m not playing Diablo III yet, despite my infatuation with the earlier titles. It’s made noticeable changes in my WoW life, though.

  • Guildies are online less. Pretty much a no-brainer.
  • Realm population has gone down on my home realm…
  • …but not as much as Lightning’s Blade. No kidding, the home of Paragon is a ghost town. Considering the last time I saw it the place was packed, it was a bit of a system shock seeing around 5 people outside Grommash Hold when i logged my alt there*.
  • Queue times are… weird. Queues are most often significantly quicker, but will occasionally drag off to 30 minutes while eagerly proclaiming an average wait time of 4 minutes.
  • Raid times are affected by D3 server outages. Some folks turned up last night to raid simply because the EU realms were out.
  • Prices of mats have gone through the damn roof. Seriously, the last week has been painful for trying to get bridging mats while levelling profs.
  • Logging in to WoW has become a crapshoot. It’s not as bad as launch day, but even now the login servers will occasionally deliberate for approximately 42000 years 2 minutes before actually deciding that I am in fact an authorised client.
  • When people are in fact playing WoW, they tend to be more laid back. If only for this, I am grateful that the game was released. It’s helping smooth out that frustrating end-content hump, and that can only be a good thing.

In the meantime, with fewer demands vis-a-vis raids, pugs and old content, I’ve levelled and geared my alliance pally*** alt to the point where one ilvl is all that stands between her and LFR. Suits me fine. Maybe I’ll get to try a 25-man raid on the ally side soon. I can already meet their suspiciously low healing requirements.

It’s been a pretty good week.


* paladin #4**

** yes, I have a problem

** paladin #3 for you folks playing at home


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