Heavy gear

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what you are under the weight of what you’ve been doing. It can be refreshing when you’re reminded.

Lately I’ve been posting about my PvP adventures with Infaris the Holy paladin. Remember, though, that the very first images I ever posted here were of him in his retributive glory. The sad truth is I’m sort of locked into playing Bitter at the moment, so I don’t really get much time to play ret properly. Friday’s usual progression run was cancelled again, though, and we got an alt run together instead. Our guild is desperately short on healers, so I ended up coming along with Infaris in his holy spec.

Pretty good night. Infaris got his Destroyer’s End title, and I won not one, but two weapons for my ret spec… and even got to DPS on Ultrax, Spine* and Madness. My damage isn’t as good as it once was, but that’s down to being out of practise. Thing is, it was pretty fun melting tendons and scraping tentacles off other tentacles so we could tentacle while we tentacle tentacle tentacle. Okay, done now.

Back to the two weapons… the first was Ataraxis, which is a sight better than most other options available. The second to drop was Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps. Upon which I unrepentantly wheedled my way to getting said blade, and promptly traded Ataraxis off to another guildie.

“Witness my true power!”

So yeah. Its name is now Big Medicine**, because that’s an awesome name for a huge weapon. Oddly enough, when mogged to Apolyon the Soul Render it doesn’t seem to display the signature particle effect shitstorm that forever accompanies the Landslide enchant. Being able to actually make out the weapon I’m wielding is a pretty huge plus point in my books.

That said, drops are nice and all, but the main benefit of the evening was that I really enjoy raiding as ret.

* burst damage is another thing we’re short on

** with apologies to Minimum Wage Historian, where appropriate

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  1. Grats! I love making tentacles with that sword. ^.^

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