Looking for Griefers

Pretty much over social play in WoW at the moment.

This weekend was a nightmare of underperforming players and flat-out griefers in dungeons. Every stereotype was represented, from the dribbling puddle of excrement who pulled trash after the tank left and then immediately dropped group, through to the clueless tank who refused to listen to any direction.

Guild groups were getting in on the action to, and I might even bother with trashing them if they were worth more than a bucket of decomposing lizards. The high point of my weekend was the dwarf Dk who had managed to flawlessly tank through ET and then announced at the end that he actually hated tanking. Apparently he played a rogue main and fired up the Dk on impulse. When the guy who doesn’t actually want to be there is doing so much better than most of the people who do, it makes me want to lay into people’s skulls like halloween pumpkins.

Disagree Vehemently

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