This is how you remind me of what I really am

Remember this guy?

Well, okay, he doesn’t actually look like that. Yet. Hell, I haven’t got the justice to get decent pants, much less buy Wrath gear…

*cof*. Anyway, he was last seen hanging around on top of a monument, pondering the joys of being level 83 and building wild expectations for 85. Turns out that those weren’t too far off the mark.

He hit 85 on saturday, and on a whim I asked the raid lead if I could pickpocket on sunday. Which led inevietably to running the first part of the Fangs of the Father questline while horribly undergeared.

This is possibly the best time I’ve ever had on a rogue.

Back when I deleted my original 85 rogue, I complained that he was great to play but felt “off” in groups. Like it wasn’t the right kind of content for the character or something. If I’d known about this questline, this would be what I’d have held up as the prime example of what endgame content for a rogue should look like.

It took me approximately ten minutes to pick up the sneaking mechanics on the intro quest, and then another hour and twenty* to make my way through the assassination mission. Solo. As Combat, because that’s my spec dammit and I’m not going Sub just to be able to Shadowstep past challenges. Besides, patience and judicious use of Distract will see you through just as well.

Don’t mind me, just the plumber here to clean the pipes…

There are ways to cheese the quest – go check Wowhead if you’re really interested – but anyone doing so is missing the essential conceit here. This mission is about being a rogue, and really makes you feel like one. Surrounded, behind anemy lines, with the threat of detection weighing every step you take? Hell yes! A precision strike against a single well-guarded (and bloody tough) enemy, where it’s not about maxing DPS** but about using your toolbox? More! Overall, I wish that quests like this weren’t relegated to legendary class lines. I want to see what whoever designed this could do if they were told to make a questline for a shammy, or to play on a paladin’s strengths.

There’s no way in hell that I’ll actually ever progress on this questline. Avert’s come in too late to stand a chance of getting that sort of spotlight now. But for anyone out there with a rogue alt, I can’t recommend th experience highly enough. Pony up your 10k gold, and go jump in.

The daggers are just gravy.

* including wiping on the target on my first try. protip: don’t forget kidney shot, it will save your ass.

** okay, so maybe you can make it about hard burn if you have enough ilvl to actually queue for raid finder… irrelevant! :D

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