Dear guys with aftermarket pipes

On behalf of those of us on stock cans, thank you.

No, seriously. For a trade-off of 1-2 horsepower – best case – I can run my bike about 40 km/h faster before meester po-lees man realises that maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t be breezing through traffic quite that quickly.

May as well put a card in the spokes.

A quick explanation: that 1hp gain on a 180hp bike isn’t the reason why anyone gets a pipe, especially a slip-on. The real reason is because an aftermarket changes the engine note drastically, making it more aggressive, deeper, and more attention-grabbing. Great qualities if you’re interested in impressing folks outside the local clubs, and I’ll admit that aesthetics are a big draw of riding a sportsbike in the first place. Not so great when you don’t want the local friendly police orificeer picking you out of the crowd.

So yeah… go on lowering that bar! It’s fantastic.

  1. Riding several thousand miles in a week listening to that noise will drive you insane and make you deaf… and you won’t hear the warning horn before you crash… but then again you were already insane when you put the loud pipes on to begin with… Just sayin’…

    • Leit said:

      Several thousand miles isn’t really a concern for your average cafe cruiser, just sayin’… I’ve seen these guys claim a bike’s “old” before it’s seen a second service. But being a daily rider, I’m right with you on situational awareness being a lifesaver.

      • True about the several thousand miles. I couldn’t ride a cafe cruiser around the block before getting a pain in my neck… I’m all about going the distance… long distances… That’s why I ride a Goldwing… with stock pipes…

      • Leit said:

        Ah, it’s all in what you’re used to, I suppose. Been riding plastic ponies for near a decade now, so my neck’s not a problem and I know enough not to have my wrists go numb, but on a long run it still occasionally feels like my kidneys are trying to re-enact Alien.

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