Different may not always be good

With a lot of our raiding roster on break and a few of the remainder taking their uni exams, the last couple of weeks haven’t really been too consistent with the whole raiding idea. On monday night one of the officers decided to get folks together for an LFR run, being that we had mostly inexperienced guys online. By some miracle we ended up with a group containing 2 healers, 2 tanks and 6 DPS. At which point someone piped up with a hearty, “hey, we could go run FL for a change!”

I’d like to say I regret nothing. I’d like to, but that would be less than truthful. Sort of in the same way that hippopotami are a little territorial, or draining the sea with a shot-glass would be slightly time-consuming.

Since some people may not have run Firelands in a while, here are a couple of refresher tips:

  • Don’t pull the turtles.
  • Do not. Pull. The goddamn. Turtles.
  • If you’re a new tank, pop a CD before taunting when the experienced tank calls “taunt now!” on the big puppies.
  • Especially if he’s obviously suppressing giggles.
  • If you somehow mysteriously end up upstairs on Beth’tilac, you probably accidentally clicked a web. You might want to let the upstairs team know you’re there on Mumble, rather than having people find out via the healer going “why is there a death knight wandering around in circles behind me?”.
  • There’s pretty much always something better to do than running in circles behind the healer. Go to it.
  • An order to taunt spiders means Death Grip, Hand of Reckoning, Dark Command, Distracting Shot or, well, Taunt. Not emotes.*
  • In no strategy for Baleroc is kiting ever mentioned. Just stand still, fearless tank dude.
  • Someone needs to heal the tank. You can’t have both healers on the first crystal. Yes, druidfella, this is your chance to have Big Numbers™, but accept that your abilities are not good for this and the disc priests are.
  • You’re killing the druids in front of the birds, not the birds.
  • Interrupt means “don’t let them finish their casts”. I can see where that would be confusing.
  • Don’t stand in the fire streams from the birds.
  • Yes, they’re probably trying to kill you. Remind me again what guild you thought you’d joined?
  • Kill the casters at the sides first means when there are casters at the sides, you should probably kill them.
  • Don’t stand in the middle means that you should probably stay out of the middle.
  • Those worms aren’t spitting happy love-love DPS juice. That’s fire. There’s a lot of it around, you might recognise it.
  • What the hell are you even doing both in the middle and in the fire, you’re melee for god’s sake.
  • People yelling at you on Mumble is a subtle clue that you should perhaps be doing something differently.
  • You want two feathers, not three.
  • Not. THREE.
  • Just run in a circle to avoid the cyclones.
  • I said “circle”, not “panic squiggle through every blazing funnel in sight”.
  • His name is Lord Rhyolith, not Stompicus Maximus.
  • WTB /ragequit, PST.

Good luck out there.

“Screw you, Smokey!” – signed, my guild.


* this is actually speculation, but I have no idea what else they could be doing down there except that it didn’t involve getting spiders on the ground.


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