Lucky 13

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

Mr. C’thun? I’m a huge fan…

With the hunter hitting 85 on Sunday, I’m at 10 lvl 85 toons on my server, and 13 max levels, if I cheat and count the ones that were deleted to make room for more paladins. Celebration!

Now I have no room on this server to engage in levelling of alts, and all of the characters that I do have are either genuinely fun to play or fill an essential niche in terms of professions. Well, it’s only really the bear that’s hanging on by the tips of her leather-working claws in that sense, but okay. Excluding her, all of my characters are geared enough for HoTs, and only the recently-levelled hunter isn’t geared for LFR*.

“Oh boo hoo, woe is me, I can’t ride my RC8 and my Augusta at the same time!”

Or maybe I could just log in and check out the pretty views.

Endgame time! Time to rock the faces off those purple pixels, go carry some mofos! But… well… I don’t do well with gearing toons, and we lack skilled resources in healing, so I’m pigeonholed to my priest for prog raiding. Quality of players in dungeons is degenerating by the moment, and LFR is more choked with cocks than bad gay porn. Even if the loot system were ported from Mists today, the damage is done. LFR is where imbeciles go to roll on everything, and the biggest challenge that the format faces in Mists will be shedding the burning shame of its Cata image. So sort of like an actor who got started off in the aforementioned classy metaphor. There are so many paralells.

One spark of hope is that Arenas might be floundering in failures as well. One can only hope. PvP’s been a pretty solid way to deal with endgame monotony before, and my pally does have a few pieces of the shiny arena gear. Here’s looking forward to Mists, though.

* On account of two characters of the same class in the same dungeons needing the same gear being a recipe for frustration. My fiancee’s hunter got first dibs, we’ll see if I can muster the enthusiasm to gear mine.

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