All the small things

Best thing about Fire Festival?

Yes, this was absolutely the most appropriate image.

The perfect tabard for my PvP gear. Bonus: it also goes great with the gladiator gear. Downside: I’ll never have the 2200 arena rating that the gear requires. QQQQQ

Soon to be unveiled: full conquest! For some reason it makes sense to mog my PvE gear into conquest and my PvP gear into honour. Pretty sure that’s made a couple of tanks worried, but that really strikes me as their problem.

Anyone know what’s going on with these troggs here? I saw them on the way through Deepholm while farming, tucked into a quiet little corner of their own, not really bothering anyone. It’s… kinda pretty. The sorta pretty that my farming settings don’t really do justice to.

Sidenote: the flying machine is utterly maddening. I love the look and obviously having a non-wyvern mount is awesome sauce on cheese crackers, but that sound. Dear sweet baby cherubs what I would give to get into that thing with a box of spanners and a torque wrench.

And now, time for more blood elf dancing.

Say what you will about the Warlock Mafia, but they run the best underground clubs.

  1. He’s looking hot as always. Definitely the prettiest princess. (love that tag haha)

  2. I gotta say, I don’t find the flying machine sounds annolying. The constant grinding falling apart sound works perfectly in my mind because I don’t envision Thermalix as a very good engineer – it’s a miracle the thing stays in air at all.

    Also, I could watch blood elf men dance forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but for awhile. If only my dance was so awesome!

  3. I’m going to pretend I put the L in “annoying” on purpose. I just coined a new word.

    • Leit said:

      A qwikie turns up the Annolied, which is apparently a song about creation. So thematically I suppose it works.

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