Goldfish don’t care about a track record

What does your guild do to while away raid nights when there aren’t any of the usual prog raids up? Ours has been putting together LFR partials for the past couple of weeks. Usually this means that there are fewer of the less civil types, and we don’t get as many guys needing on gear when they already have heroic pieces in those slots.

In my mind this somehow managed to equate to LFR groups in general being less vermin-filled than usual.

Oh no.

Not by a long shot.

Went with my fiancee on a Fall run where three pally/priest tokens got swiped by a ret pala who already had 397, and then said pala proceeded to win the spirit shield that my shammy desperately wanted. And dropped group immediately. In a group where we managed to wipe on Blackhorn because not enough people were standing in the nice big purple ship-destroying mechanic, and where Ultrax trash was pulled with missing healers. ‘lol someone else will do it’.

So yeah. Dropped group pretty quickly while people argued ‘its LFR, need on everything noob’. That’s four healing characters that won’t be queueing again, tyvm. And people wonder why it takes so long.

In less dramatic news, we did have a sort of patchwork run that managed to clear normal DS. I got some time on my rogue, who is surprisingly effective given his relatively low ilvl and dead simple rotation. Even won an axe off Madness, so my MH legendary has now been replaced. Thing is, though, it looks like this:

Scooter ascends to a higher plane of existence

Godawful quality on that screenshot for some reason, but you get the idea. It’s a really damn good looking axe. And it doesn’t fit with my ‘mog at all. So, time to collect a whole new set. Wahey! Maybe there’s a nice red set somewhere in BC…

  1. Heh. I think my belf holy paladin is still wearing the shield off Beth’tilac.

    Grats on that axe though! It is a beauty.

    • Leit said:

      One of the best things about it is how the enchant mostly shows at the back of the axe, where those spikes and the original glow are. It’s like the model was designed with Landslide in mind.

      My main HPala has the shield off Blackhorn LFR – after losing it to Rets three weeks running, back when LFR was new. Blech.

  2. Ok, so it was a low level dungeon, but this sword dropped that had a chance to summon an emerald whelp to fight for you (no other useful stats, as I recall). Holy paladink waited until two members of the party (including me) had rolled Greed on it and then went “need for off spec,” and then dropped when she got it.

    If she had been on my server I might have had to hunt her down.

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