I’m here to kick ass…

…and play games, not listen to awkward Malfurion/Illidan Canon!Fic.

Next time, at least make the guy standing in range the turn-in NPC.

  1. Reminds me of this screenshot I uploaded but haven’t done anything with yet:


    I hate that dungeon most when you have to listen to Tyrande. ILLIDAN! WHAT IS IN THAT VIAL? ILLIDAN! I AM OUT OF ARROWS! ILLIDAN! YOU MUSN’T! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

    I hate Tyrande.

    • Misc said:

      Tho you must admit the designers spent an aweful lot of time getting her boobs all perky o.O

      As for WoE… Leave as soon as you see the loading screen end… Its the new Zul’Aman!

      • Leit said:

        Bah… all of my characters have interrupts, with the exception of the hunter who needs obsidium bolts and a lower CD on the boltgun. That means any toon I take in there can make it through Azshara, which means that, while it’s a drag, there’s at least no chance of wiping.

        (wtb sporebat pet. >.<)

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