Acquisitions Inc.

Head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure…

So apparently gold-sink mounts will be account-bound in Mists. Earlier information was that the more exclusive (read: expensive) mounts weren’t going to be part of the decadent orgy of sharing and caring.

So naturally, I had to go and get a Hog. And a traveller’s mammoth, but you’re not getting pics of that, because the thing is frankly hideous, it looks ridiculous when in motion, and mostly because I forgot to take a screenshot. Damn, you got me. Couldn’t hide anything from that intense, smouldering gaze.

There is no way that this will bite me in the ass when Blizz decides to go back on their intentions of making those mounts account-wide.

And I definitely didn’t come straight out of the raid where my fiancee got her legendary and buy these. Nope.

On the plus side, I’ve been wanting these mounts for a while now, but couldn’t really justify the cost with my limited funds. For 10+ characters, the cost/benefit ratio changes significantly. In that sense, even if it does end in sudden and inevitable betrayal, I’m glad of this announcement.

Now to go farm some Talbuks…


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