Can’t wait for Mists

…so that I can press the button.

Once the shoulder ‘chants become so much dust, this faction has nothing to recommend them for the miserable grind through an entire zone. Nothing. I can’t wait to see how long it takes a raid to bring the stonemother down.

You owe me for 13 characters through your miserable hole in the ground, bitch. And that hideous rag you pass off as a tabard ain’t helping. It’s like an ingame cone of shame, only more embarrassingly awful.

  1. But you’ll actually have to expend the effort to go back there.

    • Leit said:


      Still more fun than actually questing through Deepholm. After all, it’ll be something I *want* (desperately) to do, rather than something I’m *forced* to slog through.

  2. >.>


    I liked Deepholm. I finished it on multiple toons because I wanted to.

    • Leit said:

      Honestly, it was a decent zone and I really liked it when I first went through, even in spite of PvPers who’d realised where the bottlenecks were and were flagging passing questers to annihilate them. What ruined it was being forced to lump through the place on every single toon, barring one scribe. My current lowbie – a Dk on a PvP realm – is levelling Inscription, *specifically to bypass Deepholm*.

      What bites even harder is that they could have made the shoulder ‘chants BoA like the head ‘chants – even just the lesser-statted ones – and that would have at least made it a choice instead of a requisite.

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