Catching up

As promised, Talbuks. Turned out that my warrior had the highest rep with the Mag’har out of my (cof) stable.

Not quite as promised: Conquest gear. Somehow managed to forget that I still needed the leggings. Thumbnail size: hiding my shame since 2012! Oh wait.

In the meantime, Firelands has been an almost literal burning albatross around my neck. Guild’s been doing achievements, which means they want “competent” players, and not signing is making very little by way of difference. Also one or two ICC achievement runs, which I’m starting to resent less since a) I don’t have to heal them and b) I haven’t run the content for the sake of other people for the last YEAR.

In tangentially related news: don’t believe the local ‘lock when he says to jump off the side to get off Arthas’ little ice-cube. I mean, sure, there aren’t a hell of a lot of other ways down, but… well…


  1. Spencer Nozell said:

    Congrats on the Talbulks, they are one of my favorite mount designs in the game

    • Leit said:

      And the grind takes much less time than I anticipated. Okay, starting at honoured helps, but it still less than a day.

      Disclaimer: the Argent Tournament and Molten Front may have skewed my definition of “grind” somewhat.

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