Outland, I barely knew thee

So I ran out of slots on my usual server, and I don’t have any 85s that I want to delete at the moment. #firstworldproblems, no? Turns out that my fiancee wanted to level a shammy, though, and while she’d been plugging away at it for 50-some levels, it was slow going without a levelling companion.

Turns out that for every special case there’s a solution, though. In this case it was for me to start another death knight off on a PvP server, and simply RealID invite and run dungeons with her*. The Dk levelling experience starts at just the right point to offset levelling fatigue and “oh god BC again” syndrome.

Outland goes… much more quickly than I’d remembered. Even without rested XP, we’ve torn through 6 levels in a couple of hours of dungeoneering. My major complaint is handily illustrated to the right, but… well… yeah. If I wasn’t a herbalist/scribe I’d probably never even have seen an inch of the place.

As a herbalist, I’m doing pretty well for exploration achievements. After being told to expect massive gankings everywhere, it’s almost disappointing how few people there are out in the wild, though. This is the second PvP server I’ve rolled on now, and “PvP” is starting to look a whole lot like shorthand for “deserted, with a side of unhealthy economy”.

Yes, just for the flavour text.

Feels good to be levelling again, though. And another benefit of BC: loads and loads of tanks. They’ll doubtless fizzle and sputter out by the time we hit Northrend, but for now I can concentrate on L2Unholy.

UH is surprisingly strong for a class that spends most of its time managing diseases. There’s just something really entertaining about spreading death, disease and palpable misery far and wide. As a melee, pet-based and DoT class, the lack of popularity for the spec is hardly surprising, especially given Frost’s present strength and Absolute Faceroll™ “rotation”. Looking at that summary, it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Thematically though, UH has the other two beat. In practise, it really is much more fun to play than its pedigree would suggest. Winning all ’round!


* Well, after boosting her through Ramparts with an 85 so that we could actually queue

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