Sense? What?

So you say it’ll be difficult for people to level in time?

So, after having the discrepancy pointed out to them by large segments of the playerbase, Blizzard have decided to move Brewfest on by a week.

Wish they’d done this for Pilgrim’s Bounty when Cata launched. Darnassus was an absolute whorehouse. Still, nice that they can apparently learn from their mistakes. Should have seen it coming earlier though.

Still going to be a bit of a push to hit the appropriate level for the trinkets, and the last couple of days are going to be hell on earth for farming that one trink you really truly need (and so does everybody else) – but an extra week is a nice gesture.

  1. Spencer Nozell said:

    Its going to be interesting brewfest, I hope that i will have enough time to get to max level before or during the holidays

    • Leit said:

      It’s kind of sad… wanted to take my time and smell the flowers on most of my chars, but now any toon I don’t rush is going to be at a (slight, those trinks were terrible last year anyway) disadvantage. :\

      Predicting the “powerlevel and go back to do all the quests” plan is going to be somewhat popular. Followed by people who end up sidetracked running dungeons to cap instead complaining months later that Pandaria had no/boring levelling content.

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