A wizard is never late…

…nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

No, I’m not playing a mage now. It’s just a neat quote.

We got back from honeymoon a few days ago, and after some severe issues getting the client patched, are enjoying the wonders of 5.0.4. It truly is bounteous, at least from my current perspective as a PvP ret. Hilights:

  • Sacred Shield wins at everything for PvP. It wins so hard.
  • Burden of Guilt is fantastic. No longer feels like chasing ranged is such a chore.
  • Similarly, making Exo instant-cast and adding HP to Exo, HoW and Judgement makes pallies much less vulnerable when not in melee range.
  • HP generation overall just feels so much smoother. If Cata had come out with ret feeling like this, I probably wouldn’t have rolled another alt*.
  • Resilience and PvP power are pretty easy to understand, and while the ilvl of PvP gear in general seems to have taken a nosedive, it’s good to see some stats other than straight resi on, for example, my freedom trinket.
  • It’s nearly impossible to solo a paladin with any sort of decent amount of resi.
  • I sort of miss Holy Wrath. Remapped the key to Divine Storm, and find myself occasionally mashing it out of reflex. Muscle memory’s a bitch.

Yes, I’m lvl 7 in this pic. I rely on VuhDo that much.

The only regrettable point of 5.0.4 so far is that my framerates have taken a nosedive. Grabbing new drivers helped greatly, but it’s still difficult to maintain the steady 60fps that I was seeing prepatch. In the meantime I’ve streamlined my addons down to Dominos, VuhDo, Recount and IceHud for all of my characters. Also took the time to set up Bugsack to see what’s misbehaving. The answer is always, depressingly enough, VuhDo.

Apart from random focus-frame errors when I have no focus frame, VuhDo seems to think it needs to cast my glyphs, hide my holy power frame (???!), reforge my gear… honestly, it’s a bit depressing for an addon that I’ve come to rely on so much. Healbot is apparently similarly broken. So yeah, possibly in the market for an alternative there.

IceHUD, on the other hand, is surprisingly powerful. I’ve set it up with custom bars to track Inquisition, Slice n Dice, Rupture, etc. It’s got standard modules to handle runes and combo points. The castbars are a bit unusual and I need to get used to interrupting on them again, but that’s just experience. Not sure why it never made its way onto my interface before.




  1. I ended up trying mouseover macros with the standard raid frames. It’s much less elegant than Healbot or Vuhdo but … it won’t break. We’ll see how long I can last this way, old habits do die hard.

    • Leit said:

      A bunch of addons have updated post-patch, so maybe our beloved frames are among them? I don’t like mouseovers, prefer clicks… :(

  2. Conga rats, and welcome back.

    I started leveling Niremere the Paladink again the other day, as I want to dress her up in a stereotypical blue-white-gold paladin look, but she’s too low leveled for the gear I am eyeing. With the new patch, I was prepared to panic over prot tanking, but frankly it still feels very much the same. (Other than I can’t just smash Righteous Shield whenever by accident, as I now actually have to wait until I have three charges of Holy Power. Pssh …)

    • Leit said:

      The recolored T1 gear from the outland normal instances? That set looks surprisingly rad.

      If you’ve not run the reworked SM and Scholo yet, you might want to look at those for mog. Lot of lookalikes of Cata tier and HoT gear in there. Might only be placeholders, but seeing a dead ringer for the t13 Dk tier helmet drop off a lvl ~35 boss was interesting.

      • I was just in there yesterday. What I want to know is WhoTF wears plate at 30?

        (Also, OMG, um, wow, Blizzard, wow. Throwing a bucket of meat on a guy and then watching hungry dogs eat him alive is kinda … more than what I was expecting.)

      • Leit said:

        Awww, but they go sleepies afterwards!

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