Second Wind

So, now that NEW SHINY is all settled and whatnot, a couple of odd things about 5.0.4.


    Lighting effects are strange. I can’t bear to look at my orc and tauren characters on the login screen because of the creepy 90s-cg effects.

  • Well, I could bear to look at my Dk, since her background is still the same LK one. Except that she seems to have shrunk in the wash. As has my forsaken Dk. What the…
  • Healers. In PvP. What the hell. Two casts of Flash of Light should not completely fill a health bar from Hammer of Wrath o’ clock. Even post-nerf it’s taking three or four toons to kill a single healer.
  • Isle of Conquest is the playground of bigoted egomaniacs with GIFT up to eleven. At least we usually win. Horde seems to have gotten the idea that “take workshop, kill glaives” is the way to go, and the alliance seems to spend most of their effort in getting into the horde keep and then… running around in circles waiting for the bombs to respawn? Spamming “lol i have no idea what i am doing’ macros? Whatever it is, it’s costing them.

IoC starts getting a bit much after a while.

There seem to be a lot of people PvPing at the moment, because nearly every BG I’ve seen in the past couple of days is a 40-man mess of IoC or AV. Somehow I don’t think the designers of those two bgs understood what that second ‘P’ stands for. These are BGs where I generally finish up with around 10 HKs or so if I’m lucky.

Still, I’ll stick with them if only because healers have minimal impact in the scenarios. Twin Peaks and WSG, on the other hand, are effectively ‘click here to be farmed for half an hour’ nuisances. They’re on my blocked list, but unfortunately said feature has been released in a less than operational state*.

EotS is still my favourite BG, despite everyone and their kid sister getting knockbacks. It’s mobile, encourages actually fighting for the points, and small enough that you don’t spend forever running to the next point while being big enough to avoid feeling cramped, and it’s open. You can literally see any tower from any other tower. WTB about 4 more of these.

All in all it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s not bad enough to stay off the beach.

* OMG REALLY???!! PvP content that wasn’t tested??? We’ll get right on that… soon™! 


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