Seeing Scarlet

My little spriest is proving pretty fun to play. Mana regen in 5.0.4 has been retuned to take the ‘oom’ out of ‘doom’, and I no longer have to resort to the Big Stick in dungeons. It may be an heirloom Stick, but it’s still not the ideal weapon for a mind-reaving disciple of the Way of Dark Clothing And Like, Really Deep Motivations Man, You Don’t Know Me.

Recently, the sudden appearance of the dreaded Gnomeregan in our dungeon list at 28-ish prompted a couple of instances of specific queueing for Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery. Our first run through SH was with a group that completed Gnomer, requeued and got Big G again, and promptly decided to requeue specific immediately. This worked, though it did give my wife’s character the Deserter debuff. I was fortunate enough not to have shared this condition – we’ll put it down to the perks of consorting with dark forces.

Anyway… that run was pretty tough, and we wiped once at the archer event. Those patches of fire are just cruel when you can’t really move properly. Figured the difficulty was down to us being underlevelled.

Average Blizzard dev

The next time we ran SH, we were a couple of levels higher… and still lost party members to the archers’ fire. Is there a mechanic there that we’re missing? Some way to douse the fires or something? I ended up healing the guys walking forward after our wonderful (cof, hack) healer pegged, and the party did eventually make it, but it feels like there’s something we just don’t know about that fire.

Scarlet Monastery had its own issues, mostly due to the tank being exceedingly hesitant and having approximately zero idea of how2threat. The group was workable, though, until we reached the end of the instance and were rewarded with a buggy fight where around a million Judicators came out of nowhere to wipe us. Followed by Whitemane bugging out on the retry and never leaving her little “can’t target meee, nyah nyah” alcove once we killed her latest boytoy. This left us unable to get credit for the dungeon or to finish the dungeon quest.

Overall I’d say the difficulty of both instances is great, and the dungeons themselves were the most fun I’ve had in WoW in quite some time – a definite step up from the “spam AoE for 5 free levels” xp-dispenser that was SM Graveyard. Just think the scripting might need some work.


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