You killed Loque!

Curious elephants catch Death Coils. Momma shoulda warned you, son.

…was the accusation from my wife as I climbed into bed last night. In my defense, it wasn’t on the server she plays on, and I needed him for Frostbitten.

Okay, so I would have tagged him anyway. Because suck it, hunters.

There are benefits to levelling on a low-pop PvP server. Just questing along I’ve run across many of the rares that I’ve never seen before on my home server. Admittedly that’s largely because the average zone has approximately the same population as ground zero at a nuclear test facility. Suits me, though, since I really like hunting rares but don’t run any addons for it. The rare-hunting addons have a bad reputation for CPU overhead, and I don’t want to tax my poor notebook further after the ‘improvements’ for Mists. ‘Sides, flying around and eyeballing spawns feels more like playing than following the blinking arrow would.

That said, there’s always that one that gets away. In my case it’s High Thane Jorfus, who I’ve never even seen as a corpsicle. Better yet, his wowhead entry’s first few comments suggest a phasing issue preventing him from showing, despite being present. Sounds like a recipe for a healthy serving of frustration soup! Regardless, I’ll keep trying.


In a somewhat unrelated note, I’m wondering how exactly some folks seem to keep their ghouls’ names. Must be doing it wrong, because at this point I need a new minion every dungeon or so, and the game seems to be slipping me *cof* subtle *cof* hints lately.

Wow, really?


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