Xrealm has landed

“So, come here often?”

Questing’s a lot faster for levelling than dungeons, assuming you’ve played out the dungeon quests available to you. So it was with no small amount of excitement that I realised last night that my PvP-realm levelling Dk had hearthed into a version of Dalaran that contained some very familiar guild tags. Tags from my main server, home of my wife’s shammy, who I was grouped with.

We knocked out lvl 80 in Storm Peaks and then proceeded to nail all kinds of enemy ass to the wall in Hyjal, with me occasionally becoming PvP marked as our phases drifted. Still, I got to quest to 81 with my wife. Cross-realm zones have their little hiccups – the occasional unlootable mob, pickup objects not respawning as quickly as usual, the very fact that we’ve been told CRZ shouldn’t apply to PvP/Normal server parties at all, etc – but they can all be forgiven for this.

We got to play together. Not just queue up and chase breathlessly through a rushed instance with three other people with drastically differing skill levels and motivations. I got to toss bears around while she got Bounce on her 8th character or so. We shared herb nodes. I considered attacking a PvP-marked gnome because she was the only PvP-marked character I’ve seen in the world since starting my PvP-server Dk, then immediately discarded the idea since attacking a PvP geared 85 at 81 sounds a little too suicidal.

It was fun, and I’m really hoping that when we log in again tonight we can carry on from where we left off.

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