Day one

So the new patch is out! Shiny, fresh new content! Quests! Continents! My characters are now level…


…all of them?

Turns out that pet battles are fun. Like, really fun. I spent last night building up a team and completing a few of the one-off trainer challenges on Kalimdor. I’m up to… something Kaboom, a goblin with a bunch of mechanical pets. This is a pretty cruel bait-and-switch, given that up until this point everything wandering around or controlled by the other pet-masters has been aquatic, critter or beast, and beasts are specifically vulnerable to mechanicals. Hell, I haven’t even seen an elemental pet in the wild yet, and levelling with one would be sheer idiocy, given that they’re weak against critters and aquatics.

Which is of course why I’ve been levelling with one. Cof.

My first team consisted of (in order, of unlocking) a Phoenix Hatchling, Creepy Crate and Winterspring Cub. The crate’s undead, which means it takes extra damage from critters, and critters are everywhere. The elemental phoenix does less damage against the aforementioned critters. So far the cub’s been handling the heavy lifting by sheer dint of being Super Effective™ against critters and having what is, effectively, Victory Rush. As a beast, I can’t possibly put him up against an all-mech team.

This is what you get when you try out a feature without actually bothering to read any of the material on it. The more you know, kids.

The crate’s been replaced by – I kid you not – a Horny Toad from Desolace. The toad’s an aquatic type with a self-heal and a low-chance CC, better than the crate’s amusing but useless (against NPCs) Death Grip.


Turns out I’d missed out on buying the Dark Phoenix pet on any of my characters, though. Tells you something about how interested I was in pets before this. As an elemental, it’s also strong against mechanicals. So tonight’s job is levelling my shiny new dark phoenix, and perhaps a Sinister Squashling. Tried a couple of battles last night with the phoenix, and while it doesn’t have its lighter counterpart’s handy self-heal, it does have a massive amount of damage by comparison. Not bad. Feels kind of fragile, unfortunately.

Meanwhile I’m wondering where exactly one starts in Eastern Kingdoms. If it’s in Tirisfal, I might be able to get away with some easier levelling against undead types. Hmm. It’s also somewhat amusing to note that on my server there was a crowd at the first tamer challenge, a small group at the second, and not a soul at the third and fourth. Around the third is where you actually need to start levelling your pets to compete with the trainers. Guess a lot of folks got disenchanted with the grind.

So yeah, that’s my favourite new content. Simple, fun, cute and surprisingly non-buggy. Anyone else?

  1. I have to actually attempt pet battles…I have done nothing but quest for levelling…I should sell all my duplicate pets now :p

    • Leit said:

      So worth it. After the expansion lull where I was sort of zombie-ing through but not really playing, a refreshing burst of something different really clears the ol’ tubes.

  2. I don’t know why but I decided that I must find and tame at least a green/uncommon version of all the low level crap. /smrt

    On the plus side, this is giving me ample opportunity for leveling lots of different types of pets to 5.

    I WILL have that fancy Rabid Nut Varmint 5000.

    • Leit said:

      Hey, a pet battle site that isn’t blocked at work! Now if only it actually showed the abilities. Thanks!

      Yeah, I only realised rarity wasn’t based on type when I ended up fighting a critter that could outheal my toad. Now I check for this sort of thing. :D

      • Or images … I want pictures!

        All in good time, I suppose.

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