Anticlimax inc.

Spent a couple of hours flying around catching new pets and levelling my phoenixes (phoenices? phoenix? aaaaaa) to deal with the mechanical pet trainer that I was having trouble with.

And then promptly defeated her entire team with one pet, slightly lower level than all three of the opponents because I suck at grinding.

I has a sad.

Turns out that this questline was effectively the tutorial, though. Now I have a hit list of trainers to stomp on two continents. Should be fun.

Side note: eastern kingdoms has a hell of a lot more variety and more insteresting pets than kalimdor. Would it really have killed them to put something on the red continent other than snakes, rabbits and squirrels?

  1. Bronte said:

    Phoenixes is just fine. But it is Latin, so like matrix has matrices, phoenix should have phoenices.

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