Turtles all the way down

So, having beaten the intro questline’s worth of trainers, I was given a laundry list of other trainers to beat as well. Yeah, it never ends.

The first couple weren’t too bad, but the last – Flutterby in Moonglade – came very close to actually beating me. As in, had the last attack not connected, I would have been paste. So I headed back to Orgrimmar in triumph, only to hear that I had yet to fight the Grand master trainer for the continent. Went and checked her out and she has lvl 19 elite pets. Of inconvenient types for my default setup. Yeah, that’s going to have to wait for the weekend.

An epic meeting of fire and ice! And then I ran away. Pets be trippin’, yo.

A small apology is in order for my comments on poor pet finds in Kalimdor. Turns out that the master trainers are generally near something interesting… Onyxian spawn, Nether faerie dragons, etc. Theoretically there’s a catchable Infernal in felwood, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find it. Various reports that it’s bugged or may be a time-dependent spawn spawn. If it is bugged then I’m going fo murder someone. Good Magic-class pets aren’t easy to find.

Sadly, there are quite a few families that need a careful eye at the moment. Critters are all but useless for PvE battles given that Beasts are common but undead aren’t. Dragonkin have basically no weakness since Humanoids are so hard to find, and they’re extra effective against flyers as a neat bonus. Speaking of Humanoids, Undead types are basically useless because their main strength is against said uncommon type, and they take crippling damage from the super-common Critter-type levelling fodder. Flyers in general seem to have some really nasty attacks, are good against Aquatics, and take less damage from Beasts. Beast is the second most common PvE enemy type and also a common damage type for attacks pets can learn outside of their basic damagetype.

Anyway… this weekend sees the release of Dredd, which can only be better than the Stallone travesty. There’s also an expo I might want to go to, and my brother’s starting to poke at me about maybe levelling some toons. Hopefully there’ll be time for some PokeWoW in between.

  1. I seem to have a knack for locating rare quality rats (I am so not joking – rare Stormwind Rat, rare Rat rat, Rare Undercity Rat … and a Rare mouse). Because of this, I debated actually making a team of three rats – Pinky, Brain and Narf – but as you say, critters suck for general going-about-killing-things. /sadface

    • Leit said:

      Go to eastern kingdoms and kill the snot out of undead! Your three-rat band may not have much endgame potential, but you’ll be a slaughter powerhouse against the few undead ingame. (plus Lost of Lordaeron just look cool. you need one.)

      • Lost of Lordaeron? I haz eet!

        My basic idea is a general purpose team that may not be super-duper effective but gets the job done, I don’t have to switch out and around all the darn tootin’ time. Right now I’m using a Black Sheep (Bleat – the icon is disturbing, the group heal is nice), a rare Crested Owl (’cause flyers are good against beast types) and my good old Personal World Destroyer, because, smashy smashy.

        Maybe I should hunt down some killer chickens. I could get a rare robo-chick, maybe, and a regular Chicken … that way I’d have a “theme” and yet different types! Or something. /ponder Yes, I like this plan. A robo-chick, a chicken (sorry Derpimer, you’re just a plain Westfall chicken), and then something else.

        I want the Nether Faerie Dragon. :< I also kiiiinda want to get a Blighted Squirrel simply because they look pretty cracked out. My motives, I question them.

        I am somewhat perturbed that I cannot get a cow as a battle pet.

      • Leit said:

        I also started with that idea! And exactly the wrong team. My comp’s switched randomly based on all sorts of stuff, and the roach that’s currently in slot 3 probably isn’t long for the team. Can’t even remember why exactly I had him in there. Think I need to replace him with a Flying or a Magic. (but I am le tiiiired… well okay zen take a nap)

        Can get low lvl blighted squirrels on Fenris Isle near Undercity. And yeah, they look… disturbed. It’s very impressive.

        The Anacona Chickens in Thousand Needles are nasty bastard things. Kill with *fire*.

  2. Even though I haven’t gotten a green quality of every possible pet in the beginning zones, I have to pick a team and stick with it to level because I am getting kiiiinda tired of the same old same old

    • Leit said:

      Yeah, the early stuff can get a bit much. “Oh, a *gold* beetle? Wow, that’s *so* much more awesome than the seven other beetles I have!”

      Want to get into Outland, where they have some distinctive beasties. Stretch goal: a mini-rhino from Shozalar!

      • I wonder why Blizzard decided having 10 different types of cockroach that all look exactly the damn same was a good idea.

        I wish the Irradiated Cockroach actually kept the irradiated glow.

      • Leit said:

        Doesn’t it? I never actually summoned any except for the rare Roach that I got while hunting Onyxian Spawn. They’re all just so… boring.

        Hell, even Vash’jir has the same model masquerading as giant isopods. Google image search on “giant isopod” just gave me “giant isopod cooked” as a related search. Uh, no thanks Google, I’m… full. Yeah.

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