First cap

First toon hit 90 on saturday. Thoughts, in no real order:

  • Lorewalkers are the best faction. I love how fast the disc feels, and they’re *easy*. Plus little lore plays! Sweet.
  • Been doing arch again. It’s better than dailies.
  • Someone needs to grab the “we don’t want rep grinds to feel mandatory” dude and shove him face first into the actual game, because he is full of shit. Golden Lotus are currently my least favourite faction in the game, not because their quests are bad, but because they come out of literally bloody nowhere at lvl 90 and the other gear factions (barring Klaxxi) won’t give you the time of day until you’ve ground Lotus to Revered from 0/Neutral.
  • Not to mention that if they’re going to force us to grind this rep they could at least give us more than 100 goddamn rep per daily. The Klaxxi are literally an antagonistic faction of enemy insects, and they give more rep than that.
  • Should get Honoured with the Tillers today! /dance
  • Every single time I’m in Scholo HC the tank tries to pull Professor Potions without clearing his class. Every single time so far we’ve had the class aggro during the fight, usually beelining for the healer.
  • HCs in general seem much better tuned than in Cata. Then again, I’ve yet to see Shado-Pan, and I hear that’s the hard one.
  • Forgetting to work my lvl 90 talent into my rotation is a pretty big damage loss, yet I consistently fail at this. Bad paladin. No mana-bun.
  • Higher system requirements have made the game much less enjoyable for me. I don’t run a state-of-the-art system, and when I need one to run an eight year old game, I start questioning that game’s technical direction.

Overall, 90 feels less like an event and more like a relief. Now for the other 10…


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