The weekend: a visual guide

Watch the eyes…

…aaand, there it is

If you were wondering why that ret pally was running back and forth in the potions room instead of helping beat the hell out of the students, now you know. Did this always happen, or is it new?

Yeah, not happening

At one point this weekend I considered levelling my druid, given that her profs would be useful and I might make another attempt to l2heals with her; druids are meant to be SUPAR OP at the moment. So far enchanting, JC, Inscription, Alchemy, Herbalism and Mining have been easy to level, with my one herbalist hauling back enough leafage to level both alchemists and the scribe. So I figured LW would have felt similar love in the ease of levelling department.

Hah. Right. That right there is the first levelling recipe after making scraps into exotic. Firstly, the scraps mechanic is a POS. Secondly, if their idea of making LW better to level is giving 2 points for a levelling craft that takes 12 leather… I don’t want to know what sort of bull comes next. When my levelling gatherers were able to oversupply my other crafters without going off the beaten track, I sort of expected skinning to be able to provide a bit more than the scant couple of skillups that it did, especially after levelling through Krasarang “go get me 5 snake heads” Wilds.

Krasarang Wilds is all kinds of awesome, though. Highly recommended.

Huh. Three years of doing this and both in one bag.

Pity I already had the Ram…

This is why my wife will no longer speak to me. She actually cares about mount count, and I… don’t.

Stay classy, goblins

Ever actually looked at those posters in the engineering section at Two Moons? The one next to this is about as… inviting.

Huh. Appears I spent the weekend mostly looking at walls. Seems legit.

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  1. repgrind said:

    lol. Looking at walls > tanking floors, right?

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